It’s hard to deny that the Xbox Series X|S consoles are providing quite a tasty looking proposition right now. Microsoft’s spending spree is making headlines. The line-up of exclusives is getting bigger by the day. Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 are ready to welcome you – and even offered for £1 in you’re jumping into Game Pass for the first time. However, to think that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) doesn’t have its own strategy would be foolhardy. Even before any potential new announcements, there’s still plenty of amazing things about the PlayStation 5. So here’s seven reasons you should get a PlayStation 5 in 2022!

SIE has not yet reacted to the big news of the week. The Microsoft buyout of Activision will affect many different aspects of the games industry, but it’s not a challenge SIE need to step up to. Each console manufacturer has its own strategy, and one announcement – no matter how big – could alter the plans that have been decades in the making. Throughout the whole saga very few pundits have even mentioned Nintendo, which just goes to prove doing things your own way can sometimes pay dividends.

But we’re not here to discuss business strategy. We’re here to talk about the PlayStation 5 as it stands right now.

Reasons to Get a PlayStation 5

Many readers will already have made a decision about which current-generation console to buy. Indeed, more than a year into the generation a lot of people will already have made that purchase. But with the Xbox brand making huge strides seemingly everyday, here’s a reminder of the seven best things about the PlayStation 5, many of which are available right now!

PlayStation Plus Classics Collection

The PlayStation Plus Classics Collection

A fantastic starting point for those new to the PlayStation brand. Also a nice welcome package for gamers looking to fill out their gaming library while waiting for this year’s big hitters. The PS Plus Classics Collection offers 20 of the best PlayStation 4 games. And this comes as part of the same PlayStation Plus subscription you may already be aware of. It may not rival Game Pass, but it’s still a fantastic offer for anyone new to PlayStation 5.

Horizon: Forbidden West screenshot

Horizon: Forbidden West

As featured in ChitHot’s list of the 7 Best PlayStation Exclusives of 2022, Horizon: Forbidden West launches on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 next week. Yes, it does look good on PlayStation 4. However, for those gamers truly wishing to see state-of-the-art gaming in all it’s glory, a PlayStation 5 is definitely the best place to play. Horizon: Forbidden West is set to push the boundaries of open world gameplay by building on the original. A bigger world, new enemies, companions, huge boss fights and new abilities to counter them with, Horizon: Forbidden West is shaping up to be one of the best games yet to grace the PlayStation 5.

Dualsense Controller

DualSense Controller

Much has been said about game controller design over the years, but honestly it mostly comes down to personal preference. I myself have never been a fan of the PlayStation controller due to the analogue stick layout and ‘broken’ D-Pad. Or should that be, was never a fan. Because here in 2022, I’m in love with the DualSense. Undoubtedly PlayStation’s finest ever controller, it fits perfectly in the hand and feels weighty and balanced. The adaptive triggers will undoubtedly become an underused afterthought as the generation continues, but for first-party titles right now they do add a fun new element to your gaming.

High Fidelity Gaming

The Xbox Series X is more powerful. The PlayStation 5 is faster. The Xbox Series X can push one trillion squiggles harder than the PlayStation 5 can. The PlayStation 5 can load a billion blobuloids before the Xbox Series X. In practice, none of this really matters. It ultimately comes down to what the developers can do with the hardware, and what your end result will be. If you don’t yet have a 4K HDR10+ TV, you’re never going to experience the finest of this generation. However, the PlayStation 5 does have enough grunt to go for the long run, and will be ready for it when you do get that beastly new TV.

God of War Ragnarök keyart

God of War: Ragnarok

Another title featured in our 7 Best PlayStation Exclusives of 2022 article, God of War: Ragnarok is arguably the most highly anticipated of all PlayStation titles. Follow-up to 2018’s God of War, the story takes place three years later. Fimbulwinter is drawing to a close, and it is prophesied that Ragnarök will begin once it comes to an end. Players will enter the boots of gaming royalty Kratos once again to uncover the truth, along the way engaging in many clashes with Norse mythology. Little is currently known about how the game will unfold. However, in our opinion it would be hard to bet against God of War: Ragnarok as being a jewel in the PlayStation 5’s crown when it eventually launches.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain

PlayStation VR 2

This is one for the hardcore. While VR is still arguably in its infancy, PlayStation VR is an easy stepping stone for anyone. You can enjoy the immersive nature of the technology right now. PlayStation VR 2 – which currently has no release date, but expectations set it for this year – is taking the lessons learned from the first headset and pushing the envelope significantly. The technical capabilities of the headset push it far beyond its predecessor and into the realms of high-end VR, alongside the PC-only Valve Index. A Horizon spin-off, Horizon: Call of the Mountain, has been showcased and looks incredible. Any gamer worth their salt should be eagerly anticipating the launch of the PlayStation VR 2.

PlayStation 5 Tempest Headset

Tempest 3D Audio

As any sound engineer will tell you, audio is all too often ignored in gaming. However, the PlayStation 5 has made huge strides in this regard. The Tempest 3D audio system is simply phenomenal. Much like VR has to be tried to understand the unique capabilities it brings. SIE’s own headset is undoubtedly the best on the market. Do not overlook this potential investment if you want the best from your new console.

1 Reason Not to Get a PlayStation 5 in 2022

Brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is not a reason to buy anything, ever. No brand will be loyal to you. No brand will help you study for a test. No brand will pick your kids up after school. No brand will cover for you at work. No brand will care whether you defend them on Twitter. There’s no reward for having bought every PlayStation console. Ultimately your choice in products should come down to your personal evaluation of the perceived value. Will the PlayStation 5 meet all of your expectations and wants from a console? If yes, great! If not, don’t invest you money just to become a standard bearer for a brand that doesn’t know you exist.

So what do you think? Are you going to get a PlayStation 5 in 2022? Do you already have one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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