Game Boy. The classic handheld console fondly remembered by millions across the world. Two of those millions, Bryan Taylor and Tom Lockwood, are so fond in fact, that they’re developing a new game exclusively for Nintendo’s original portable wonder.

In the Dark is a brain-teasing assembly of puzzles where there is but one goal: turn off all of the lights. Each light when turned on or off will flip the states of the lights adjacent to it. The game appears to be deceptively simple but absorbing at the same time. You can check it out for yourself with a playable demo available via the game’s page now.

In the Dark screenshot

The game will feature a campaign of 100 puzzles, all with the same 3×3 format. A somewhat overly complex story invites players to investigate a distress signal from a ship orbiting a planet in the Rigel system. Upon boarding the ship, the doors suddenly locked behind them. Now, you have to solve a puzzle upon a screen to try and reopen the locks.

In addition, a Random Mode allows for randomly generated puzzles to be delivered from up to 500 possible combinations.

In the Dark will be released as a physical edition. For those who opt to play on the Game Boy Color, there’s 20 colour palette variants to unlock, and the Super Game Boy is supported also.

Game Boy Package Contents:

  • Professionally produced box
  • In the Dark on Cartridge (black shell) in a Dust Case
  • Full colour manual
  • Die Cut Sticker

The physical release is priced at £40 GBP, and will also be compatible with the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP consoles. Pre-orders are available from today at the official Bitmap Soft website. The team has produced a number of Game Boy titles previously, including Tales of Monsterland and Pineapple Kid.

Will you be cracking out your old Nintendo handhelds for some brand new puzzling action? Let us know in the comments below!

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