Want to know how to defeat the Garden Knight in Tunic? There are many challenging encounters in Tunic, but the Garden Knight will be your first real test. There’s no running away from it – this big stone golem is blocking your path, and so you must muster the courage to fight! Or, simply read this Tunic Garden Knight guide…

The Garden Knight is the second boss you’ll come across in Tunic. However, it’s significantly more challenging than anything you’ll have come across in the game so far. In this guide we’ll cover how to defeat the Garden Knight. You’ll encounter it at the end of the West Garden. Defeating it will grant access to the West Belltower, and eventually and open the Sealed Temple.

Before continuing, be sure to visit a statue and follow the Tunic levelling-up guide to make sure you’re at tip-top performance!

Tunic Garden Knight Guide

Tunic Garden Knight Guide

Between each attack the Garden Knight will have a delay in which you can land a quick combo of three hits with your sword. However, patience is key. Do not try to go for a fourth, even if it looks as though the opportunity is there. Get your three slashes in and then prepare to dodge or block. Continue this pattern throughout the fight and you should defeat the Garden Knight with ease.

The Garden Knight has three main attacks. These are all used from the start of the fight. There’s no different phases in the battle, despite the extended health bar in the lower-right corner of the screen. The Garden Knight will attack randomly with any of the following:

  • Slash combo: The Garden Knight uses its weapon as a sword. It will execute three slashes in the direction it’s facing in quick succession. You can avoid taking damage by rolling, or use your shield to block.
  • Long range: The Garden Knight uses its weapon as a gun. It will fire three bursts across the arena. Dodge to avoid the rays or use your shield to block.
  • Wide attack: The Garden Knight uses its weapon to sweep in a circle, damaging anything it hits in the surrounding area. Use your shield to block this attack, or roll twice to make sure you avoid any hits from the sweep.

You can block all of these moves using your shield. Even without any upgrades, you’ll be able to soak up all of the Garden Knight’s combos by simply blocking, so use your shield liberally. Bombs and dynamite work will against the Garden Knight, as do the freeze weapons if you’ve come across them yet.

That should be everything you need to defeat the Garden Knight in Tunic! That is, of course, if you’re not playing the game in Tunic easy mode. In which case, you most definitely won’t need this guide…

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