In a very short delay between The Batman in UK cinemas and home release, The Batman streaming will be available beginning next week. The film will also be available to stream in the US next week, though through a different service.

The Batman has been highly praised since it’s cinematic debut. The film shows a different side of the Caped Crusader. Playing to the ‘world’s greatest detective’ moniker, The Batman changes the way we think about the superhero. Robert Pattinson took to the role surprisingly well, though he’s not the latest Batman actor that has been revealed.

The Batman Streaming Services

The Batman streaming will commence on Premium Video on Demand from 19th April, 2022, in the UK. No price has yet been confirmed. US fans will be able to watch the film on HBO Max from one day earlier, 18th April. The film is also available to pre-order on Prime Video.

The release on streaming services is shockingly close to the cinematic debut. Given how many movies are striving to return people to cinemas after simultaneous releases throughout 2021, the short delay does not paint a confident picture. Will we eventually see a return to day-and-date streaming and cinema releases?

The Batman streaming

The Batman Spin-Off

One project that definitely will be viewable in the home first is the HBO Max spin-off series. Colin Farrell is set to reprise his role as The Penguin, alongside John Turturro as Carmine Falcone, in a new TV series.

“The world that Matt Reeves created for The Batman is one that warrants a deeper gaze through the eyes of Oswald Cobblepot,

“I couldn’t be more excited about continuing this exploration of Oz as he rises through the darkened ranks to become The Penguin. Will be good to get him back on the streets of Gotham for a little madness and a little mayhem.”

Colin Farrell

Details about the project are currently scarce. No release date, or even a name, has yet been revealed. However we do know that the series will see Oswald Cobblepot rising through the ranks of the underground crime syndicate on his way to becoming The Penguin.

Did you see The Batman in cinemas? Are you looking forward to watching it again via streaming services? Let us know in the comments below!

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