PLAYISM has announced that a new version of Umurangi Generation is headed to Xbox. Umurangi Generation Special Edition, the hugely popular photography game by Origame Digital, is set to launch for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S this month, and will be available via Xbox Game Pass.

Umurangi Generation Special Edition lets you delve into a world where disasters have painted the sky red. Playing as a member of the Umurangi Generation, you work as a courier for the Tauranga Express. But you’re also an avid photographer. Zip around town capturing these last moments of life on earth as disaster unravels around you. Each stage taking you closer to the end of the world!

Umurangi Generation Special Edition screenshot

Umurangi Generation Gameplay

Take pictures however you would like, using a variety of lenses and filters to make your photo capturing potential limitless. Use this freedom of expression to take all kinds of photos. The objectives are merely a guide to progress.

Each level presents a set of different objectives called “Photo Bounties”. Snap away with your camera to complete the given Photo Bounties. Each photo is graded on not only its contents, but also on its color and composition. Don’t forget your day job though; after completing all Photo Bounties, deliver the parcel to finish the level.

Umurangi Generation Special Edition features extensive tools in the game that lets you edit and develop your photos in a multitude of different ways, allowing a strong focus on player expression and creative output. Developer of the title Naphtali Faulkner explained that the games central focus on creativity is part of its core design philosophy.

“The moment you tell players what is or isn’t a good photo this will condition players to take photos in a prescribed way. You cannot punish creativity. In this game the objectives can be completed in thousands of different ways. From looking at gameplay footage, players are finding creative ways of taking a Photo Bounty that I never could have imagined”.

Naphtali Faulkner

The Umurangi Generation theme came from the developers’ experience of the bushfires in Australia. The roaring fires that painted the skies red were seen to him as a dystopian omen of the destruction the earth was experiencing. Juxtaposed by the news and politicians brushing off the situation as the “New Normal”.

Umurangi Generation Special Edition screenshot

Umurangi Generation Special Edition

This game was inspired by titles like Jet Set Radio and Pokémon Snap. It is also particularly made with people who enjoy photography, or retro style art from the PlayStation 2 era.

Just like the Nintendo Switch version, Umurangi Generation Special Edition on Xbox contains the original Umurangi Generation game released on PC. Additionally, the Macro DLC, some quality-of-life improvements and additional modes are included. Umurangi Generation Special Edition launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on 16th May, 2022, and will be available via Game Pass from day one.

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