Along with all the Tarot Cards in The Quarry, one of the other collectable items is known as Evidence. While exploring Hackett’s Quarry you’ll be able to find a total of 10 pieces of Evidence that will later let you share the events of the night. In this The Quarry Evidence guide, you’ll learn the locations of all 10.

Collecting Evidence works very similarly to the Tarot Cards. Some will be immediately obvious, others will take a little more searching. However, there is a caveat: some Evidence will only be collectable should you make the right decisions earlier in the game.

How to Find All Evidence in The Quarry

Below is a list of all choices that need to be made before a particular chapter to ensure that all evidence pieces can be found in a single run. If you don’t manage to follow the below instructions you can return to a specific chapters once you have completed your first playthrough of The Quarry.

Empty Vial

NOTE: In Chapter 1 Jacob must steal the Rotor Arm from the van. Without making this decision, the Evidence in Chapter 3 will not be available to collect.

Chapter and Locations: Chapter 1, Camp Cabins

After exploring the cabin, head towards the large tree that stands tall in the middle of the cabins. Abigail can find an Empty Vial when searching the trunk of the tree.

If you missed this evidence in Chapter 1, you’ll have a second chance to collect this item when playing as Dylan in Chapter 5.

Torn Bags

Chapter and Locations: Chapter 2, Store Room

While exploring the General Store, Jacob will help Emma open the locked store room at the back of the storage. Upon searching the room as Emma, you can find two torn-up bags covered in dried blood on a shelf in the back corner.

Bloated Corpse

NOTE: In Chapter 1 Jacob must steal the Rotor Arm from the van.

Chapter and Locations: Chapter 3, Boathouse

If Jacob removed the Rotor Arm in Chapter 1, he’ll be given a choice after swimming in the lake with Emma. He can either retrieve the Rotor Arm from the lake, or got to look for Abigail after hearing a scream.

Playing as Jacob, choose to retrieve the Rotar Arm. He’ll dive into the water after it, and yu’ll be able to select the option to grab the Rotar Arm. Here, Jacob will uncover the Bloated Corpse shown earlier in the scene.

Attack Photo

Chapter and Locations: Chapter 4, Treehouse

When you arrive at the Treehouse have Emma search the bag on the floor before investigating the trap door. Emma will find a can of bear mace, a taser, and a change of clothes in this bag.

After changing out of her bathing suit, Emma will open the trapdoor. Here she’ll come face to face with the mysterious creature. Chose to tase the creature, and Emma will have the option to snap a quick photo while being attacked.

Claw Marks

Chapter and Locations: Chapter 5, Camp Cabins

Before entering the Radio Hut, take a moment to check out the large claw marks on the wall next to the door.

Memory Card

Chapter and Locations: Chapter 6, Hackett Woods

When playing as Jacob, head up to the wooden walkway and follow the path. You’ll soon come across a large footprint. From here, follow the path right and you’ll discover a broken camera sitting on the floor.

Jacob can remove the camera’s memory card for Evidence.

Cease & Desist Letter

Chapter and Locations: Chapter 7, Sheriff’s Office

When exploring the Sheriff’s Office as Laura, head towards Travis Hackett’s office in the top right corner of the station. But before entering the room, head to the wall opposite to find a printer. Investigate the printer, and you’ll find a Cease & Desist letter instructing those behind the ‘Bizarre Yet Bonafide’ podcast to stop investigating Hackett’s Quarry.

Scarred Flesh

Chapter and Locations: Chapter 8, Quarry Mines

Having picked up The Lovers Tarot Card, continue making your way further into the abandoned mine. A short cutscene will play, showing the metal stairs collapsing. Continue following the path and you’ll soon reach a square-shaped catwalk with a large red boulder in the middle. Here, you can find the Scarred Flesh Evidence on the ground in the top left corner.

Kaylee’s Letter

Chapter and Locations: Chapter 9, Hackett House

After hiding inside the dumbwaiter, Ryan will be inside a bedroom. Explore the room and you will see a small jewellery box on top of a dresser. Inside this box you can find Kaylee’s Letter to her grandmother.

Trail Cam Footage

Chapter and Locations: Chapter 10, Lodge Attic

Search the attic on the far side of the Lodge, by the classroom. Here, Kaitlyn can find a cardboard box filled with tapes on the ground that contains trail cam footage.

That’s how to find all Evidence in The Quarry! You should now have all 10 pieces in your inventory. Don’t forget to also check out our The Quarry Tarot Cards Guide to continue building your collectables collection!

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