Supermassive Games’ The Quarry is now available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC. The game presents an interactive movie experience similar to the studio’s own Until Dawn. This time however, there are numerous different challenges than can greatly alter the outcome of the story. Chit Hot is hard at work preparing a The Quarry guide for all aspects of the game. Here, we present a how to find all The Quarry Tarot Cards guide, one of the collectables in the game.

There are 22 Tarot Cards that you can find when exploring the grounds of Hackett’s Quarry. These Tarot Cards can be given to the fortune teller that you visit after every chapter. She will reveal one vision in her crystal ball that corresponds to each card that you find. This The Quarry Tarot Cards guide will detail the exact locations where all 22 Tarot Cards can be found.

The Quarry Guide

How to Find All Tarot Cards in The Quarry

The Fool

Chapter and Character: Prologue, Laura

This is the first Tarot Card you will discover, and is particularly easy to find. When investigating the woods after seeing a mysterious person, Laura will fall down a small ledge into what appears to be a dried-up creek. When taking the path that leads left the camera perspective will change, and you be able to discover the card.


Chapter and Character: Chapter 1, Jacob

Upon entering the Lodge be sure to visit the kitchen, which is by the main door. When entering, the camera will shift and you’ll find the card facing the camera, near some pots.

The Hanged Man

Chapter and Character: Chapter 2, Nick

When given the choice of where to head to with Abigail, choose Rocky Road. If this path is not selectable you will have to finish the game and then return here using Chapter Select. After making the choice stick to the left until you see the card.

The Star

Chapter and Character: Chapter 3, Jacob

After taking control of Jacob at the Boathouse, you’ll be tasked with finding some towels. Leave the dock and head towards the stack of nearby canoes. When nearing them, the camera angle will change and you’ll spot The Star Tarot Card on the side of the wooden post.

The Tower

Chapter and Character: Chapter 3, Abigail

When playing as Abigail at the start of Chapter 3, follow the path through the woods until she begins to hear voices. A short cutscene will playout. Continue a short distance forward and the camera angle will change. It’s here you will find The Tower Tarot Card, high up on the trunk of the tree.


Chapter and Character: Chapter 4, Dylan

When entering the lodge, the camera will shift. You’ll only have a quick moment to grab the card before it’s too late. If you fail, you can return here after completing the game via Chapter Select.

The Magician

Chapter and Character: Chapter 4, Emma

When playing as Emma, climb down the set of stairs until you reach the dock. When nearing the edge, the camera will pan and you’ll find the card on a wooden pole.

The Devil

Chapter and Character: Chapter 5, Dylan

When wandering through the grounds near the Camp Cabins, you’ll be able to find The Devil Tarot Card located near the picnic tables in the middle of the cabins.

The Hermit

Chapter and Character: Chapter 5, Dylan

Once you’ve reached the Radio Hut you’ll want to explore the left side of the building. As you approach the large aerial tower, the camera will pan and you’ll see The Hermit Tarot Card at the base of the tower leg.


Chapter and Character: Chapter 6, Jacob

Once you’ve passed the wooden bridge, take the stairs down to the ground below and turn left. The camera will change perspective. Here you will find the Justice Tarot Card on the back of a wooden beam connected to the walking bridge.

The Moon

Chapter and Character: Chapter 6, Abigail

While playing as Abigail, go down the corridor to where the shower stalls are. The Moon Tarot Card is found in the third stall. If it doesn’t show up automatically, stick to the left side as you walk through.

The Chariot

Chapter and Character: Chapter 7, Laura

After being scratched by Max, make your way into the Police Station’s main office area. When walking between the middle desks, the camera will pan and you’ll be able to see the card on a beam.

The World

Chapter and Character: Chapter 7, Laura

When exploring Laura’s jail cell, head towards the door. Watch carefully as the camera pans. Here, you’ll find The World Tarot Card beneath the bed.

The Empress

Chapter and Character: Chapter 8, Ryan

You can find The Empress Tarot Card as soon as you start exploring the basement. Turn left and head inside the room ahead. The camera will switch perspective revealing the collectable.

The Lovers

Chapter and Character: Chapter 8, Laura

While exploring the mines as Laura you’ll have to climb a staircase that leads to a short walk. A handle is going to break, so you’ll be forced to head into a corridor of sorts. As soon as the corridor opens up and you see a square-shaped space on the outer wall, head over there to find The Lovers Tarot Card.

Wheel of Fortune

Chapter and Character: Chapter 8, Laura

Traveling through the Quarry Mine, you’ll reach an area that is described as the ‘Nightmare Tunnel’. You’ll be able to find the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card on the wall when travelling through the tunnel.

The Emperor

Chapter and Character: Chapter 8, Ryan

Upon entering the Hackett Basement, head forward through the path that leads past the wooden barrels. The Emperor Tarot Card will be collectable as you near the end of the path.


Chapter and Character: Chapter 9, Ryan

After hiding inside the dumbwaiter, you will find Ryan is now in a bedroom. Head towards the centre of the room, beside the black bird cage. You’ll find the Death Tarot Card sitting on top of the wardrobe. However, you may have to investigate the wardrobe to prompt this Tarot Card to appear.

The Sun

Chapter and Character: Chapter 9, Laura

Head up the stairs above the piano and follow the path left. Go across the balcony and into an empty room. When nearing the closest window, the camera will pan. You’ll find The Sun Tarot Card on the outside of the window.


Chapter and Character: Chapter 9, Dylan

When walking exploring the entrance of the Scrapyard you’ll have to press a button with opens the gate to the main yard. Enter through the gates and turn left. Continue ahead and through two passageways between buses. You’ll arrive at a staircase. Climb it to the top of some shipping containers. As you walk across them, you’ll be able to find the Judgement Tarot Card.

The Hierophant

Chapter and Character: Chapter 9, Abigail

When playing as Abigail, head towards the Storm Shelter stairs. As you near them the camera will pan and show you The Hierophant Tarot card. This card will trigger a unique cutscene with Eliza.

In a unique catch, collecting this card will forfeit any readings for all previously found cards in Chapter 9.

The High Priestess

Chapter and Character: Chapter 10, Kaitlyn

While playing as Kaitlyn in the lodge you’ll come across the room with the bunkbeds. Take the staircase that is outside that room. The High Priestess Tarot Card is in the room above.

The Quarry Tarot Cards Guide

Completed this The Quarry Tarot Cards Guide… Now What?

Congratulations! Using this The Quarry Tarot Cards guide you’ve uncovered all 22 of this series of collectables. But, now what?

Well, if you’ve come this far you’ll probably have already experienced the main influence they have on the game. At the end of each chapter you’ll visit Eliza, a fortune teller that ran the Harum Scarum Freakshow. Eliza will review all Tarot Cards found during that previous chapter, and will offer visions that correspond to them. However, it’s worth noting that Eliza will only read one Tarot Card per visit, no matter how many you have collected. Thankfully, the choice of which can be read is yours.

These cryptic clues and vague warnings can change drastically depending on which Tarot Card you have found, or choose to view. However, these cards aren’t always as they seem. What could appear at first to be a rather harmless prediction could potentially signify something much more sinister. Always remember to keep the vision in mind when playing the next chapter, and never take them at face value.

Did you find this The Quarry Tarot Cards guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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