The Quarry is arguably the summer hit of 2022. Gamers all over the world have been enjoying Supermassive Games’ summer camp horror. The game features many different collectible items, and so to help you on your 100% completion here’s a full The Quarry Collectibles Guide! Full details on where to find all clues, evidence and tarot cards follow below.

There are 72 collectibles to find in The Quarry. These include clues, evidence, and tarot cards. Many are easy to find, often lying right in your path. However, others are harder to uncover, requiring you to choose one path over another. There are seven Trophies/Achievements associated with these collectibles, and you must get all collectibles of a type in a single playthrough for them to pop:

  • Decked Out: Found all tarot cards.
  • Forewarned if Forearmed: Got a tarot reading.
  • Meddling Kids!: Collected all clues.
  • It’s All Coming Together: Found a matching clue.
  • What’s This?: Collected first clue.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: Collected all evidence.
  • The Truth is Out There: Collected first piece of evidence.

However, there is a significant issue in going for these Trophies/Achievements. You can’t get all of the collectibles in a single playthrough!

You must make a choice in Chapter 2 that gives you either two clues or a tarot card. You’ll need to finish two playthroughs for 100% completion. Furthermore, you’ll have to keep everyone alive for most of the game. 

The Quarry screenshot

The Quarry Collectibles Guide

This The Quarry Collectibles Guide is written to avoid as many spoilers as possible. However, some are necessary to properly explain locations. Click below for each of the different collectibles guides!

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