24 Entertainment and NetEase Games have today launched Naraka: Bladepoint on Xbox Series X|S. Originally launched for PC in August last year, Naraka: Bladepoint has already surpassed 10 million copies sold. The game is available to play day one via Xbox Game Pass.

To celebrate the Xbox launch, all players will also have access to a brand new weapon: The Dual Blades. The first double handed weapon to come to Naraka: Bladepoint, allowing players to deliver striking blows with a high attacking speed and unstoppable movement with multiple-hit combos. Naraka: Bladepoint has a wealth of weaponry available, and even has life-sized replicas available.

Naraka: Bladepoint Dual Blades keyart

For launch on console, Naraka: Bladepoint has been revamped to suit the demands of a new audience. Everything from the UI to the gameplay has been fully optimised. The Xbox Series X|S version also supports by Dolby (and Dolby Atmos) stereo to provide players with a completely immersive audio experience. Cross-play with PC is also available from today, but is optional. Players on Xbox Series X|S can play with 10 million PC players to team up, or battle against each other. 

The game will also see the return of the fan favourite zombie mode, Omni’s Nightmare, with major updates. Upon arrival, players will be able to pick two skills from a random selection of three before entering each game. Furthermore, they will now pick a side before the match starts which increases the likelihood of being on that side. 

As part of the ongoing updates to the game, a new campaign mode will be coming to the later this summer. No specific date for the campaign launch has yet been revealed.

Are you interested in Naraka: Bladepoint? Will you be playing day one, or waiting for the campaign mode to launch? Let us know in the comments below!

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