Unique gaming experiences is what we’re all about here at Chit Hot. And the forthcoming EchoBlade certainly seems to offer that. A first-person dungeon crawler, throughout your adventure the player is blinded, using echolocation to determine routes, and the location of enemies.

In EchoBlade, the player is trapped inside a labyrinthian dungeon tower. Blinded from the very beginning, every sound you make illuminates your path to freedom. Danger lurks around every darkened corner; trap doors, chambers filled with toxic fumes and halls patrolled by crusader knights. All of these perils await, and can easily go unseen.

Players will explore the world in first-person perspective, using echo patterns that reveal walls, floors and enemies to navigate. Every footstep, every metal clank of armor or swing of a blade illuminates your path with a wave of sonic resonance. You can customise your adventuring experience by assigning colours to different kinds of threats and environmental features.

EchoBlade GIF

Players must use their wits and every resource to defy fate and escape. Each level features new mechanics, secrets to discover and puzzles to solve.

EchoBlade is reminiscent of a cult classic VR experience, simply known as Blind. Here, the player is blind and must navigate an environment in a similar fashion, by tapping their cane on the floor to generate sonic resonance. EchoBlade takes things one step further however, by throwing combat into the mix!

EchoBlade Console Launch

The game debuted on PC back in 2022 and was met with a positive response. Now, publisher eastasiasoft is bringing the title to consoles. The game will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch in 2023. No specific release date has yet been announced.

Are you interested in the prospect of battling through a dungeon blind? Let us know in the comments below!

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