Some of the Vaults in Immortals: Fenyx Rising offer puzzles to solve. Some test your platforming skills. Others however, are mostly about bludgeoning fantastical creatures. The Arena of Legends, located in The Forgelands, is most certainly the later. To help you find and complete this Vault we’ve prepared a special feature to help you out: an Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide – The Forgelands: Arena of Bravery.

The Forgelands is very different than the Valley of the Eternal Spring. Not only does the area change up the look of the land, but it also features some special mounts for you to find. The core of the gameplay however, as always, revolves around the Vaults and the items hidden within. This section of the walkthrough will guide you through the Arena of Legends in The Forgelands of Immortals: Fenyx Rising, including how to find the hidden chest.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising - Arena of Legends Guide

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide – The Forgelands: Arena of Legends

There are a total of 14 Vaults located in The Forgelands. This guide will cover the Arena of Legends. In order to reach this Vault you must travel to a peninsula North-East of The Aqueducts. The Arena of Legends is guarded by a Chimera, two Gorgons and two Harpies.

Similar to the Arena of Champions in War’s Den this Vault’s arena is about fighting two of the four Wraiths at the same time. It’s most certainly going to provide a tough challenge for new players. In this case you’re going to be fighting the teleporting, clone-making Odysseus. To make matters worse, it’ll be coupled with the slow, heavy-hitting Herakles.

In order to pass this challenge you’ll want to focus on Odysseus first. Herakles is so slow to move, so you can keep your distance and not worry about it too much. Once Odysseus is down, move to Herakles and use attacks which keep the enemy at bay. There’s no need to go for heavy hits if Herakles can’t get close enough to hurt you!

Hidden Chest: The Bonus Round sees you fighting against Herakles again, this time paired with Atalanta. Atalanta’s arrows can be quite irritating, so it’s not a bad idea to focus on this enemy first. As with the initial challenge, Herakles can be swiftly taken down second with melee attacks that have reach. Take them down and you can get a Molten Fragment.

Also, at the end open the Chest on the left for some Zeus’s Lightning.

That’s all there is to this Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide – The Forgelands: Arena of Legends. Are there any other areas of the game you need help with? Be sure to check out our complete Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide!