Looking for some help with the Vaults of Tartaros in the War’s Den area of Immortals: Fenyx Rising? Look no further! In this instalment of Chit Hot’s Vaults Guide – War’s Den will be fully revealed, including how to find all of the Hidden Chests!

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide – War’s Den

Vaults Guide – War’s Den

The War’s Den area of Immortals: Fenyx Rising includes 13 Vaults. There vary drastically in difficulty and some require God Powers that you may not yet have unlocked to access and/or complete. But don’t worry! All the details for exactly what is required is included in this Vaults Guide – War’s Den. Step-by-step for your convenience.

Apollo’s Sparrow

This Vault is located along the south wall inside Ajax’s Fort, close to the main building with the giant horse statues in front.

The first puzzle is another ball-rolling one. There are several socket switches here, but some of them are guarded by vents which blow wooden balls off. Metal balls are too heavy to be affected.

To start, head through the right doorway and hit the switch to spawn a wooden ball. Roll it out and to the back-right corner of the main area and into the socket. This activates some vents. Hit the switch nearby these to spawn another wooden ball which will be blown out and into the main area.

Hidden Chest: In the middle of the right wall in the main area is a lower area you can drop a ball into. Drop the wooden ball you just got down to this area, then left and over the gap: the vents will keep it in the air and guide it into the socket.

Once you climb back up, hit the switch in the back-right corner of the main area to respawn the wooden ball. Roll it directly across to the socket on the other side of the main area, opening a door. Head through and hit the switch on the right to get a metal ball. Roll the metal ball out into the main area and into the vent-guarded socket switch. This will open another door with a metal ball-spawning switch behind it.

Roll the second metal ball out into the main area and into the socket in the back-right corner where you got the second wooden ball. Now go back to the first metal ball and move it directly along the wall to the other socket switch. With both in place, three platforms will move up and down.

The final stage of the puzzle is to take each of the two wooden balls and use the rising platforms to get them to the higher area where there are two sockets. Drop them into one of the sockets to activate the vents that take you to the end of the level.

Aiolos’s Strength

This Vault is near the red canyon, north of Giant’s Fall and north-east of the God of War statue. This Vault is entirely based around pinball. One of the more interesting Vaults in this Vaults Guide – War’s Den.

The first table has two switches in the middle that control the two flippers, while the lever on the right spawns in a flaming wooden ball. You must get the flaming ball into the socket at the top of the table. Blocking the path are wooden crates and a stone block, but both can be broken if hit by the ball when it’s at a high enough speed.

Hidden Chest: Before progressing stand next to the right pillar near the checkpoint and look down to see an inactive vent far below. Jump down and use a double jump just before landing to break your fall. Follow the vents clockwise around the structure to find an alcove with the chest. Hit the switch here to activate the vents and ride them back up.

The second pinball table has two tiers, each with a set of flippers. You’ll need to use the ball to free one of the flaming balls near the upper flippers.

Arena of Champions

This Vault is located in the southern most area of War’s Den. It’s an arena challenge: a boss team-up between the Wraith of Achilles and the Wraith of Atalanta. This is the most difficult battle in this Vaults Guide – War’s Den.

Hidden Chest: The additional round sees Atalanta swapped out with the Wraith of Odysseus. Slay both Wraiths and a Molten Fragment is yours.

On your way out, don’t forget to open the chest to the left for an extra Zeus’s Lightning.

Arena of Humility

This Vault can be found north-west of Giant’s Fall, on the cliff near the perimeter wall along the Gates of Tartaros.

Another arena battle, this time against Cyclopses. The first round will be a single Cyclops. Round 2 is a Cyclops, two Harpies, and two Soldiers. Round 3 is two Cyclopses.

Hidden Chest: The additional round will be two Cyclopses and two Gorgons. Win the fight and you can Glide up the updrafts to a chest with a Molten Fragment.

Arena of Strength

This Vault can be found in the western corner of the northern border. Outside you need to move a large metal block around the statue to a pressure pad, but it’s already on a pressure pad that’s disabling some lasers. Move the large metal block then look in the nearby brazier to find a metal block to weigh the pressure pad down.

Yet another arena; round 1 is against two Gorgons. The second round is against three Gorgons and two Hammermen, and the final round is against four Gorgons, two Soldiers, and two Harpies.

Hidden Chest: The additional round pits you against a Spearman, Hammerman, two Gorgons, a Lion and two Soldiers. Defeat them and you’ll be able to get to the chest with a Molten Fragment.

Arena of Wisdom

This Vault is located in a pool to the north-east of the entrance gates to Ajax’s Fort.

You guessed it: an arena challenge. Round 1 will have two Bears and a Lion. Round 2 will have one Bear, a Lion and two Boars. The final round will have two Gorgons, a Bear and a Boar.

Hidden Chest: This is amusing: you’ll be pitted against 10 Chickens!

Atalanta’s Escape

This Vault is located to the north-east of the God of War statue.

Upon entering pull the lever on the left to raise some platforms in for the first sequence. You’ll have 55 seconds to jump along all the platforms and make it to the end.

The second sequence is much like the first only double the length. This time you’ll have 1 minute and 12 seconds. The third sequence gives you 2 minutes to get through. However, you have to time your movements with the first two moving platforms. At the end, you’ll come to a split…

Hidden Chest: The left path is the route to the Hidden Chest. This sequence is tough because the sets of platforms are controlled by Arrow Targets and only stay active for a short amount of time. Hit the first Target to raise the platforms so you can jump to the upper area and then drop down to the lower walkway. Hit the next Arrow Target as close as you can, jump along the platforms then very quickly run along to the end and hit another Arrow Target. You’ll need to then use a very quick double jump to glide in order to make it to the next set of platforms before they rise out of reach. Get to the end platform, then ride it up so you can glide to the Chest.

You’ll now want to actually glide back to the last checkpoint as there won’t be enough time to get back to the split. Redo the the final section then go instead of left to get to Zeus’s Lightning.

Avoiding Medusa’s Gaze

This Vault is located along the south coast of War’s Den, south-west of the main building in Ajax’s Fort. The Hidden Chest requires Ares’s Rage to get to.

To start, hit the switch to spawn in a box. Walk up to it and push it under the first three lasers. Next is a floor-sweeping laser that’s blocked by short walls on either end of its path. Push or carry the box past it, then jump across the gap and pull the box towards you.

The next section is a series of lasers on the floor too deep to jump through. Instead, look at the floor and note the gold diamond pattern. Set the box down three diamonds away from the lasers, then jump across. On your right is a slightly raised section: stand there and wait for the first laser to rise. When it’s at its highest pull the box to you and place it on the pressure pad to open the way forward.

This next obstacle is about keeping a box protected from a sweeping laser. Hit the switch to spawn the box. Carefully push the box from cover to cover. To get the box across the first gap, place it on the right side of the low wall, then jump across the gap and hide behind the tall wall in the middle. Pull the box across the gap and then quickly set it down before the laser wall destroys it. This trick can’t be repeated at the second gap: you’ll have to place the box out in the open wile you quickly jump across the gap, then turn around and pull it to you before the laser wall gets it.

The final challenge presents a fast-moving sweeping wall on the side blocked by obstacles. Hit the switch to summon a box, then push it until it’s just blocked by the wall on the left. Jump across the gap, then pull the box to you. Carefully carry it across to the end and then set it down onto the pressure pad to raise some platforms up to the final section.

Hidden Chest: At this point, turn to face the previous area and spot the metal box at the top of the high wall near the last pressure pad. Use the switch at your position to summon a box, then double jump and glide to wall. When you touch it, use Ares’s Wrath to get up on top and push the metal box down to the pressure pad. At the lower area, look for the pressure pad behind a low wall and put the metal box on it. If you have Phosphor’s Clone you can simply make one to add the extra weight, if you don’t have this power you’ll need to put both wooden boxes on the pressure pad. Once done you can jump through the doorway and reach the Hidden Chest.

Put the metal box on the light pressure pad to return to the upper area.

In the final area you can simply pick up the box and then set it down behind one of the walls or columns on the left side when you feel the laser wall is about to pop up. Get it to the other side, then put it on the pressure pad to complete the Vault.

Defying Kronos

This Vault is located in the north of War’s Den, north-east of Protector Drakon Ismenios. The Hidden Chest for this Vault requires the Heavy Lifting power.

This Vault tasks you with deactivating lasers and moving fragile boxes to pressure pads before the timer expires. Begin by hitting the switch in front of the lasers to spawn a wooden box, then go left around the corner and pull the lever. Head back and grab the box then drop it on the pressure pad to open the way forward.

The next section involves two separate paths, so it’ll be split below accordingly. You need to get two objects to weigh down the pressure pads near the next checkpoint.

Left Path: Glide across the gap guarded by fireballs and pull the lever on the left. Hit the switch to spawn in a wooden box and pull the lever on the right to deactivate the lasers so you can pull it to you without destroying it. Make your way back by setting the box down next to the second gap, glide across and pull the lever to reset the timer. Pull the box towards you, then set it down next to the fireball gap, glide across, pull the box over, then set it down on the pressure pad.

Right Path: The right path is much the same as the left, only longer. Once again glide across the fireball gap, then hit the lever to clear the way across the first gap.

Hidden Chest: Look up and to your right to spot a tall pillar with a large metal box on top. Pull it towards you and set it down at the next gap. Pull the lever on the right side of the gap to deactivate the lasers, then glide across. Turn around and grab the large metal box, then turn back around and walk to the edge behind the checkpoint. In the distance you should see a pressure pad: throw the large metal box onto it. Pull it off, and some platforms will rise to take you up to the Hidden Chest.

Once you make it to the checkpoint at the end, look left and hit the switch there to spawn a stone block. Stone blocks are vulnerable to lasers, so you still need to hit the switch on the right to deactivate them. Repeat the same process you used on the left path to get the stone block to the other pressure pad on the middle, opening the way up to the end.

Mastering Ares’s Wrath

This Vault’s entrance is found inside some empty ruins on the coast. Head into an empty room part-way up the ruins, then use a double jump and Ares’s Wrath to jump through a hold in the ceiling. The Hidden Chest requires Athena’s Dash and at least five chunks of health.

Glide across the gap then double jump with Ares’s Wrath to get up the tall wall. Turn right and do the same again, using the initial double jump to get over the spikes at the base of the wall. At the top, turn left, jump and glide over the spikes, then avoid the Hydra Heads as you move along the walkway. Use double jump with Ares’s Wrath again at the end to ascend the wall and get to the next checkpoint.

Ahead is a grate blocking your way to the next walkway. What you need to do is glide into the fence and float down enough to pass underneath it. When you touch the distant wall, double jump with Ares’s Wrath to get up on top. Double jump with Ares’s Wrath up the wall on the ledge, then avoid the Hydra Head smashing from above as you go around the corner and double jump with Ares’s Wrath up the next wall.

Here will be another Hydra Head for you to jump on and then double jump with Ares’s Wrath to get onto the walkway on your right. Around the corner will be some spiked platforms that activate in waves. Make your way to the far end, then turn left and double jump with Ares’s Wrath up the wall. Grab the middle of the wall, as the left side is guarded by a Hydra Head. Turn right to the next gap, then glide to the distant wall and double jump with Ares’s Wrath once you touch it.

The next gap on the left is deceitful: double jump with Ares’s Wrath at the start of your jump and then glide across the gap. Turn right and jump up the next two walls guarded by spikes to get to your next test.

Here will be a grate almost completely blocking your way. To pass it, jump into the grate and as you fall under, double jump with Ares’s Wrath to get on top of the wall on the other side. Double jump with Ares’s Wrath up the next wall and you’ll reach another checkpoint.

Hop down the waves of spikes to get to the wall, then double jump with Ares’s Wrath to the middle of the wall at the end: you’ll be between two Hydra Heads. Turn around, then jump on the left Hydra Head before doing a double jump with Ares’s Wrath and gliding forward to the two spike pads. Land on the back-left space, as the front-right space has a Hydra Head above it. Double jump with Ares’s Wrath up the wall on the right to find a grate blocking your way and a platform moving left to right. Wait until the platform beings to move to the left, then glide onto the right side of the grate. Once you pass under it and hit the wall, double jump with Ares’s Wrath to get up.

Avoid more Hydra Heads as you move around the corner to the next wall. Keep an eye at the top to spot some spikes: wait until the left ones pop up then double jump with Ares’s Wrath; they’ll retract by the time you get up there. Double jump with Ares’s Wrath up the wall on the right, then carefully head down the walkway to avoid the Hydra Heads: keep an eye above you for where the portals appear so that you have an idea of where they’ll show up.

Hidden Chest: You need to backtrack along the walkway to the horizontal Hydra Head. Your target is the top of the wall on the right. Jump on top of the Hydra Head, then double jump with Ares’s Wrath: at the top, use Athena’s Dash to pass through the lasers and get to the Hidden Chest.

To get back to the main level you can double jump over the two laser walls and Glide back to the checkpoint.

Continue along the main path to find another grate challenge. Wait for the two platforms to start moving away then glide into the grate until you pass under it, where you can double jump with Ares’s Wrath to the top of the wall. Here you need to make your way to the middle of the large wall across the gap. There are some updrafts hidden behind the pillars. Use a Hydra Head to double jump with Ares’s Wrath to the higher middle section, then use another Hydra Head to get on top of the nearby pillar away from the wall. Turn to face the wall and glide to the next ledge, then use one last Hydra Head to get to the top.

The Hydra’s Many Heads

This Vault is located in the very north-east corner of War’s Den, on a ledge of the coastal cliff. The Hidden Chest in this Vault requires the Ares’s Wrath.

This Vault’s main obstacles are Hydra Heads that appear out of the portals. To start, head to the first button and starts the movement of both this platform and the one in the distance. You’ll want to time stepping on the platform such that you’ll go past the Hydra Head just as it recedes back into the portal. Get the timing right, and you can simply coast to the middle and transfer to the next platform. Stand on the back half initially, then when the next Hydra Head comes in, jump over the top of it to get past. Repeat this for the second head to make it to the next checkpoint.

Now it’s a tower climb. Move around the first corner, then double jump on to the top of the Hydra Head that appears so that you can again double jump to get to the next walkway. Get past the other Hydra Head around the corner, then at the next corner, get on top of the next Hydra Head to get to the next walkway. There’s one final Hydra Head before you reach the third checkpoint.

Hidden Chest: Before continuing, turn around and when the Hydra Head arrives, use it to jump up on top of the high wall with a double jump and Ares’s Wrath. Head to the walkway on the right, jump on top of the Hydra Head and glide to the island where the Hidden Chest is. You may need to use Ares’s Wrath at the end of the glide, too.

In order to get back, you’ll need to glide to the walkway on the left side of the tower, because the right side is guarded by Corruption that almost instantly drains your stamina.

Back at the main path, use the same timing strategy as with the first checkpoint to get past the Hydra Heads, then when jumping to the double platform stand on the far end to avoid the third one. Next you’ll have another platform to stand on. When the platform stops jump onto the Hydra Head nearby in order to reach the wide platform above. As the wide platform moves, stand on the right side to avoid another Hydra Head. Jump onto the next platform with the usual timing, then at the end, jump on another Hydra Head to reach the final platform. As it moves forward, use yet another Hydra Head to get up to the final checkpoint.

Avoid the two smashing Hydra Heads as you climb up the platforms to the next platform. The route up ahead has Hydra Heads aligned with each third of the platform. Pass through by standing on the left side of the plate just as the main set of heads recede. A trio of platforms with gaps between them come next, which of course is more difficult to manage.

Once you’re at the end you’ll need to jump onto the two nose-bumping Hydra Heads to get to the end. You’ll also be directly under some Hydra Heads coming in from above.

Torment of the Styx

This Vault is located south of Giant’s Fall and is all about challenging your platforming abilities. A long line of moving platforms with obstacles including lasers, walls, laser walls, flaming balls from chains, and Arrow Targets.

As you begin use Apollo’s Arrow to disable an obstacle ahead. In the distance will be an Arrow Target inside an alcove above a laser wall. Hit the target to disable the lasers. Wait for the platform, then jump over the first laser. Jump over the flaming balls and go through the doorway where the lasers were. Jump over the two laser walls, then walk to the left edge of the platform to avoid the two stone walls.

Crouch under the next two laser walls, then jump over the two lasers as you zig-zag across the platform to get past the two stone walls. Climb up the steps on the right side as you can’t pass the next two laser walls.

Hidden Chest: Instead of jumping back down to the platform, jump left over the top of the laser walls. Turn left, and you’ll see that you can climb along the top of the walls to get to the Hidden Chest in the distance. All of these jumps are somewhat difficult; the first a double jump with Ares’s Wrath, the next three are to the left as you make your way to the tall, thin pillar.

Return to the two laser walls and drop down onto the platform on the other side to continue. Crouch under the first of the two laser walls then jump over the two lower lasers. Next will be two sets of three flaming balls.

For the final stretch you need to destroy two white blocks on the chains of the flaming balls, an Arrow Target above the laser wall, five more white blocks, and then one last Arrow Target. With all that done, jump onto a platform and ride it through the obstacles. The laser that moves up and down will pass over you if you stand in the middle of the platform. Once you pass through the doorway, zig-zag between the stone walls and double jump over the laser wall in-between, then the final platform will rise up.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide – War’s Den: Vault of Ares

Vault of Ares

Enter the Vault of Ares and activate the Orichalcum cubes by pressing the button on the lower platform. Follow the path of these cubes; all you need to do is activate the blocks and jump on them to reach the higher platform.

Activate the nearest Orichalcum cube and climb on it to reach the higher platform. Activate the blocks blocking the door and move them aside by activating the floating property. You’ll be able to see the statue that is bound by chains and release the first.

From the checkpoint after this statue move towards the right. Some cubes will be aligned in the manner of stairs to climb. Follow that pathway and find the next checkpoint. You should press a button to spawn more cubes at this point.

Send them into the air in front of you to create a pathway across the gap. There you shall find another checkpoint and button. Use this button to summon two more cubes and repeat the previous process.

Double jump with Ares’s Wrath in combination with the right cube placement and you will reach the first chest. This is on the platform supported by pillars. Use these tricks to go back down towards two platforms with pillars. Land just before the two platforms with pillars and send blocks into the air where you see the chains. Place a block to the pressure pad in front of the door and break the next chain.

Hidden Chest: Don’t go down back to the statue; instead glide towards the higher platform towards the back-right chain. You should spot a bronze statue of a warrior where you’ll find the next checkpoint. Keep climbing higher and you’ll find a button.

Summon a block and use it to fill a gap between the pathway that leads to an entrance. A button will send a rolling ball down that pathway. Where the two blocks are summoned after the ball presses the socket, you’ll find the Hidden Chest in the near distance. Use the blocks floating around you to fill all the gaps in the pathways that you spot. When you reach the higher platform hit the button to throw the balls. As they fall you’ll have to take them towards their respective sockets. Follow the path to the entrance where you’ll find the corruption path for the third chain to the left of the door.

Follow the pathway of the blocks towards your right and move towards the nearest chain. To prevent being pushed away by the air stream climb up the block and let it support you. Find the next checkpoint and the chest placed at the top of the pillar. Place the cube on the pressure pad once again.

Repeat the same technique and move higher to another entrance. Place the final cube on the last pressure pad. Once again, see the corruption patch and break the chain.

Glide to the last chain and the nearest checkpoint. Move towards the area with floating cubes and enemies below them. Deactivate the floating cubes and kill those enemies, then use a nearby cube to climb up and find more floating cubes. Kill more enemies and move higher. Enter the corridor and kill the enemies that you encounter as you go.

You should be able to find a deactivated block in the passage, and behind it you’ll find the final chest.

Place a cube onto the pressure pad on the higher platform outside this passage. This shall open the door to the last corruption patch and the final chain.

Vault of Ares – Battle with Kottos

Your last task in the Vault of Ares is to defeat Kottos, The All-Seeing. After you’ve broken all of the chains and finally defeated Kottos, head up the stairs to complete the Vault.



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