The Vaults in Immortals: Fenyx Rising vary drastically in difficulty. By the time you have access to the Valley of the Eternal Spring, you’ll be encountering some significantly tougher challenges. To help you on your way we’ve prepared a special feature to help you out: an Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide – Valley of Eternal Spring.

The Valley of the Eternal Spring features some lush green pastures, special mounts for you to find and much more besides. The core of the gameplay however, as always, revolves around the Vaults and the items hidden within. Read on to learn how to complete all of the challenges in the Vaults – including how to obtain all of the hidden chests – in this Vaults Guide – Valley of Eternal Spring.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide - Valley of the Eternal Spring

Vaults Guide – Valley of Eternal Spring

There are a total of nine Vaults located in the Valley of Eternal Spring. Unlike the Clashing Rocks area, not all of the Vaults are essential for story completion. However, all include rewards that will definitely help you along your journey! Plus, for completionists, the below Vaults Guide – Valley of Eternal Spring is going to be essential.

Arena of Agility

This Vault is located in the north-east of the Stepped Pools area, near the Gaia’s Soul tree. The first challenge is the most difficult in the Valley of Eternal Spring.

The main challenge is to defeat a few rounds of combat. Firstly a Minotaur alone, then with added Soldiers Harpies and a Bear, and finally with Gorgons and a second Minotaur. The arena also has lasers on the left and right sides, as well as the middle of the arena. You’ll want to make sure you stay in a safe place; either the middle or the front or back.

Hidden Chest: Once you clear all three rounds look for the lever in the back-left corner of the arena. This which will initiate another round against a six-armed Gegenees and two protected Minotaurs. If you succeed in this challenging fight a Molten Fragment will be available in the Hidden Chest.

Arena of Heroism

This Vault is located on the coast, West of the Goddess of Love statue and East of Aphrodite’s Palace. Another three-wave arena challenge, this Vault focuses on your ability to fight aerial enemies. There’re vents in the middle of the arena that get you into the air, but double jumps also work.

In addition to Harpies you’ll also fight Medusas and Hammermen. Attack the Harpies first as they don’t have a lot of health, meaning less attacks coming in at one time.

Hidden Chest: Again, the lever in the back-left part of the arena activates a bonus fourth round. This time you’ll face a Griffin, accompanied by two Harpies. Take these down and you’ll be able to get a Molten Fragment from the Hidden Chest.

This is the last of the combat orientated Vaults in this Vaults Guide – Valley of Eternal Spring.

Atlas’s Burden

This Vault is located south of the Goddess of Love statue. This Vault is basically a timing challenge, with the player tasked to manage the motion of two balls simultaneously.

Begin by hitting both switches to spawn them in. The one on the right is a wooden ball and is light enough that it’s affected by wind. The one on the left is a metal ball which won’t be affected by wind.

Roll the wooden ball into the recess on the right via the ramp. This activates the platforms on the left; moving them up and down so that you can roll the metal ball into another socket.

This activates a gust of wind that you can roll the wooden ball on to reach yet another socket. This in turn activates another set of moving platforms for the metal ball. Roll the metal ball up the platforms, around the corner and into the socket, then return to the wooden ball and roll it down the ramp. It’ll be blown down a second ramp and shoot up to land in another socket.

Return to the metal ball and move it along the two moving platforms the wooden ball activated. Placing it in the socket spawns in a second metal ball which you will need to roll up the ramp into the empty socket.

Roll the wooden ball down the ramp in the middle, then down another ramp to blow it higher. Follow the metal ball’s path to the wooden ball and roll up the ramp into the socket. Return to the metal ball and roll it along the moving platforms, then up the ramp into another socket. This activates a vent that allows you to push the wooden ball up into the final area with the pair of sockets.

Hidden Chest: To get the Hidden Chest in this Vault you must roll the wooden ball down the last two platforms of the metal ball’s path, then turn right to spot a side-path with lowered vents. Roll the wooden ball across the vents and it’ll land in the socket on the other side. This activates some wind platforms that you can Glide on to get to the Hidden Chest.

Helping the Anemoi

This Vault is located directly between the Hall of Gods and The Observatory in Clashing Rocks. To begin head forward and activate the switch to spawn in a ball. As it gets blown down the path by the vents, step onto the pressure pad on the left to lower a forcefield, allowing the ball to complete the route into the socket. This raises a wind platform up ahead that lets you reach the next area.

Up ahead is another ball course. The right pad deactivates the barriers at the start and end of the course, while the left pad moves in two platforms that prevent the ball from falling off.

Activate the switch then step on the right pad to deactivate the forcefield. As soon as the ball starts moving again, run to the left pad to move the two platforms in. Luckily the forcefields act as walls, so you have all the time in the world to move back to the right pad and deactivate it. When the ball reaches the end, two more wind platforms appear.

Hidden Chest: Before doing anything at the next puzzle look to the back-left for a forcefield. Glide over here across the ball course and open the Hidden Chest.

The next puzzle has two ball sockets that you need to navigate the ball into. Use the right switch to spawn one in, then briefly step on the left pad to lower the forcefields. Stay off the pressure pad so that the back-right forcefield acts as a wall that prevents it from rolling off. Once it’s back there, lower the forcefields again, then quickly step on the right pressure pad to help it cross the gap. Now step on the left pad to help get it into the socket.

For the second socket press the left switch to lower the forcefields and get the ball rolling, then quickly move to the right pressure pad to lower the platforms that will send it into the lower section. Lower the forcefields again to let the ball pass forward, but quickly step off the pressure pad so that one acts as a wall to stop the ball from rolling right past the socket.

Mastering Phosphor’s Clone

This Vault is located on the north-eest end of the Palace of Aphrodite. You won’t be able to access this Vault until you have the Phosphor’s Clone ability.

Once inside the Vault head left and drop a clone onto the pressure pad, bringing down a platform. Jump onto it and then summon another clone (removing your previous clone from the pressure pad) to raise the platform. Once at the top pull the wooden box onto the platform, then glide back down to the pressure pad and drop a Clone on it to lower the platform. Now grab the wooden box to bring it to you.

Move to the right side and drop the wooden box on one pressure pad and a clone on the other, lowering the barrier ahead. Head through and hit the switch on the right to spawn a wooden ball. Roll the ball through the doorway, then carefully over the thin walkways on the right and onto the socket switch. This activates some updrafts you can use to reach the next puzzle.

Jump across the gap and hit the switch to spawn in metal box. Remove it from the pressure pad and replace it with a clone, then go through the doorway across the next gap. Pull the metal box to you and put it on the pressure pad nearby, then put a clone on the pad too. This will weigh the pressure pad down enough to activate it and lower a platform ahead. Jump on it, then spawn another clone to remove the previous one so that the platform rises.

Once in the final area hit the switch to spawn a wooden ball. Ignore it for now and instead glide across the platform nearby to the main puzzle area. Head directly across to the lone pressure pad and drop a clone on it to lower the barrier across the long thin plank. Through the doorway, hit the switch on the right to spawn a stone block.

Take the stone block back along the thin walkway and turn left. Drop it onto one of the two pressure pads and drop a clone on the other to lower the platform ahead. Jump on it and spawn another clone to remove the old one so the platform will rise. Once at the top hit the switch to spawn a metal block. Glide back to the two pressure pad and drop a clone on the empty one to lower the platform. Return to it and grab the metal block.

In the middle area, drop the metal block on the closest pressure pad to move a platform across to the ball, then grab the stone block from earlier and drop it on the platform close to the more distant pressure pad before dropping a clone on it to move the platform. Jump up the platforms between the two pressure pad to find another pressure pad. Grab the stone block and place it on the pressure pad, then drop a clone to fully activate it.

This will move a trio of platforms down to form a walkway for the ball. Return to the ball and roll it along to the very end of the walkway you made. Once you reach the gap at the end glide back to the main puzzle area, then pick up the metal box and place it on the right pressure pad. Quickly step onto the nearby platform to ride it to the ball.

Hidden Chest: At this point you should pause with the puzzle and roll the ball onto the platform, but not onto the ramp. Glide back to the main puzzle area and remove the metal box from the pressure pad to move the platform and the ball back to the main puzzle area. Roll the ball to where the long thin walkway is, then go back and grab the stone block and place it onto the pressure pad to lower the barrier on the other side. Roll the ball across, through the doorway, and then carefully off the edge: it’ll fall into a socket in a lower area with the Hidden Chest.

You can return to the main area by jumping up some platforms nearby on the side. Also, moving the ball down here will require you to go back to the start of the puzzle and hit the switch to spawn in a new one. Once you get the ball to the end of the walkway, roll it down the ramp to complete the puzzle.

That’s the most complicated Vault in this Vaults Guide – Valley of Eternal Spring complete – congratulations!

Medusa’s Lair

This Vault is located in a cave at the bottom of the cliff of Eros’s Haven, in the little inlet on the east side. However the entrance won’t appear until you’ve restored Aphrodite.

Begin by heading up the stairs and hitting the Switch, then glide across the vent updrafts. Land on the platform if you need to recharge your Stamina, then continue over the next two updrafts: you’ll have to navigate between cracks in the building to get through and reach the next checkpoint.

The second section is a lot trickier thanks to the laser walls and vertical lasers that sweep back and forth. The updrafts will get you to the gaps in the walls without any extra effort on your part; you must simply time your entry into the first glide section such that the laser isn’t in the way as you go through the gap in the wall.

At the rest stop turn right and repeat the process to get through two more laser walls.

Hidden Chest: Turn left after going through the doorway and head for the vent. You’ll need to do hang in the updraft, then at the top, aim and hit the Arrow Target ahead on the left. The Reflex Shot ability will make this challenge easy. When the Arrow Target is hit, the current vent will turn off and a new set will be activated. Glide over the updrafts to make it to the Hidden Chest’s location.

Onto the final sequence: hit the switch then jump off the ledge and delay starting your glide until you can pass through the hole in the wall. Navigate left around the falling stone blocks and into the two moving updrafts to get through the tall gap in the wall. Avoid the laser then allow yourself to float down before pushing forward again to fly through the hole in the wall and into the updraft to the final checkpoint.

The final sequence is more complex yet less demanding; you’ll need to stay in place for a second in the first updraft so that you get high enough to pass through the laser wall. On the other side, you can actually comfortably ignore all updrafts except the last one: just make it to the last one while avoiding the falling blocks.

Odysseus’s Prison

This Vault is located north-east of the Goddess of Love statue, close to the border to the Gates of Tartaros.

The the first section you need to hit three Arrow Targets that are blocked by moving stone blocks. The first target will have a small window of time where you need to fire the arrow before it gets blocked by one of the two obstacles. Once you hit an Arrow Target all the obstacles before it will move out of the way.

The second Arrow Target is actually easier, as you should be able to move the arrow over or under any blocks that are in the way. The third Target is more difficult, however. You need to fire the arrow through the lit torch to light it on fire, through the three rings, and finally hit the torch at the end to light it.

Wait until the thin wide bar passes behind the top of the torch, then fire your arrow. Pass it through the torch, then through the two taller blocks and to the left to get to the first ring. Keep left to get to the second ring, then divert right for the third.

Hidden Chest: During this final target challenge, you may have noticed a wooden box near the first ring. It’s blocking a fourth target: light your arrow with a torch and then hit the box to set it ablaze and destroy it. Fire another arrow and hit the Target behind where the box was to lower the barrier to Fenyx’s left and access the Hidden Chest.

The Aiolian Path

This Vault is located in the Stepped Pools area, west of the Gaia’s Soul tree. The first section introduces the core mechanic of this challenge: a wooden ball in a track being blown around by vents. You need to use a switch to raise a chunk of the track to launch the ball out of the track and into the next section.

To begin use the first Switch to spawn a flaming wooden ball inside the track, then use the second switch inside the track to lift a section of it. Do this while the ball is on the tile and it’ll be launched out of the track and roll onto a socket, opening the way to the next checkpoint.

This time you need to follow the ball from track to track as you launch it. Aside from some very annoying timing with the first track – press the switch when the ball is in the middle of the raising section – it’s pretty straightforward.

Hidden Chest: Once you get to the socket, double jump over the wall closest to the last switch to land on a hidden walkway. Jump up the steps to get to the Hidden Chest.

Getting the ball into the socket will have done two things. First, it will have reversed the air current of the tracks. Second, it will have a second, non-flaming ball. Blow the ball to the first track and launch it to a ramp on the right side of the area. As soon as you do you’ll want to grab it to stop it from rolling off into the abyss. Lead the ball around the path here and down the ramp into another socket.

The final section is actually much less complicated than the second one. Spawn a ball with the left switch, then use the right switch to launch it up when it gets to the end of the walkway. It’ll automatically roll down the ramp and into the socket at the end.

The Path to Erebos

This Vault is located north-east of the Palace of Aphrodite and the Gaia’s Soul tree. The Hidden Chest in this Vault needs two specific God Powers to reach: Ares’s Wrath and the Heavy Lifting upgrade to Herakles’s Strength in order to lift large metal blocks.

To start, double jump over the first set of lasers then run under the second. At the next drop jump over the gaps and lasers. Then head right and jump over the gap to the next checkpoint.

Next you’ll need to cross over a very thin walkway guarded by lasers that you need to jump over. Be careful as you approach the opposite side as there’s a pair of spinning lasers at the end. Run counter-clockwise around the area to avoid them as you head left, the double jump to the pillar.

The next checkpoint has four lasers and a large metal block on the far side, moving back and forth. The metal block doesn’t obscure all the lasers so you’ll need to move across the walkway to avoid getting hit. Start moving when the block is at one side for the longest window. Make it to the end, then turn left to the next checkpoint.

In this next section begin by double jumping over the first laser and then glide, but be careful not to fly into the second laser.

Hidden Chest: Between the two laser gaps is the Hidden Chest. Look right between the two columns to spot the upper area. To reach it, you need to double jump and then use Ares’s Wrath to shoot up into the air again. From here you can glide to land in the new area. Once you’ve landed turn around and look to the right wall to see a switch. Use a double jump and Ares’s Wrath to get there, hit the switch to spawn in a large metal block. Pick it up and throw it to where the Hidden Chest is. Glide over and put it on the pressure pad to activate the chest.

Back to the main puzzle. The second gap is similar to the one before, only delay your second jump so you slip under the laser. On the other side, turn left and double jump up the platform to the final checkpoint.

You’ll need to glide over the gap and backtrack through the first laser obstacles to get to the end. Hitting the switch here will activate the platform and adjust all of the lasers to be much more difficult. Wait until the very first laser moves down so you can glide across the gap.

Next you’ll have two lasers moving left and right, and two spinning lasers in the walkway up to the ledge. Jump up to the ledge to pass the laser wall, then look left for a platform between the two lasers. Jump when it lowers, then when it doesn’t have lasers crossing over it move to either edge. This will keep you out of the lasers that appear on the way up.

Vaults Guide – Valley of Eternal Spring Complete!

That completes the Vaults Guide – Valley of Eternal Spring! You should have everything you need to complete all the Vaults in this area. Be sure to check out our other Immortals: Fenyx Rising guides, too:

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