The Vaults in Immortals: Fenyx Rising vary drastically in difficulty. By the time you have access to The Forgelands, you’ll be encountering some significantly tougher challenges. To help you on your way we’ve prepared a special feature to help you out: an Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide – The Forgelands: Achilles’s Fighting Pit.

The Forgelands changes up the look of the land considerable. It also features some special mounts for you to find, and much more besides! The core of the gameplay however, as always, revolves around the Vaults and the items hidden within. This section of the walkthrough will guide you through the Achilles’s Fighting Pit Vault of Tartaros in The Forgelands of Immortals: Fenyx Rising, including how to find their hidden chests!

Vaults Guide – The Forgelands: Achilles’s Fighting Pit

There are a total of 14 Vaults located in The Forgelands. This guide will cover Achilles’s Fighting Pit.

Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide Forgelands Achilles's Fighting Pit

Achilles’s Fighting Pit

This Vault is accessed via a gold building on the South side of the large arena island, off the North-East peninsula of The Forgelands. Drop in using a hole in the roof. Push the Stone Ball towards the barrier. As it rolls, step onto the Hero Plate to lower the barrier so that the Ball falls down into the Ball Socket, opening the gate to the Vault and lowering the barrier permanently.

To start this Vault, head up the steps and hit the Switch to spawn a Wooden Ball. Stand behind the ball and hit it with a normal Hephaistos’s Hammer to send it flying across the gap. You’ll want to stand exactly behind the ball, otherwise it has a chance to be hit diagonally and roll through the gap in the corner.

Once the ball is safely across, roll it around the corner and close to the wall. You’ll need to use a Charged Hephaistos’s Hammer attack to hit the ball from below, sending it in a vertical arc to get over the wall. In the next area, place the ball next to the pile of rubble on the left and then use another Charged Hammer to get it over the brass window and into the ball socket, raising the way forward to the left of it.

Checkpoint 2

Hit the Switch next to the Checkpoint to spawn a wooden ball. Roll it around the wall and stop it on the square near the wide ramp. Use another Hammer attack to knock it across. On the other side, retrieve the ball and place it on another square, then use a Charged Hammer attack to hit it over the wall. Head over and grab it, then roll it all the way down the walkway and up the ramp into the Ball Socket.

Checkpoint 3

This set-piece is where things get tricky. Hit the Switch to spawn a Wooden Ball nearby. You need to hit the ball right using the Hammer, but at a slightly left-hand angle so that it bounces off the wall. You will of course need to wait until the two small platforms aren’t in the way.

Once it’s across, roll the ball onto the square on the floor. Use a Charged Hammer to hit it up the wall and between the two sets of columns, but you need to time it just after the Hydra’s Head goes away. Follow the ball over the wall and place it into the Socket Switch to spawn a new ball ahead through the doorway.

Roll this new ball left into one of the two lanes and at the bottom of the ramp. Wait for the two platforms to move by before hitting the ball with a normal Hammer Attack to send it across. Glide across and then position the ball on the square on the floor.

From here, look up at the top of the wall to see a moving platform. Wait for it to lower, then hit the ball up with a Charged Hammer attack. It will roll across the platform and down a hallway into another Socket Switch. Follow the ball up using the platforms to the right, then head through the door.

Checkpoint 4

To the right of the next ball are three lanes in front of a ramp that’s guarded by several platforms. Put the ball in one of the two side lanes, because the window for whacking the ball across is much larger on the sides than in the middle. Once the ball is across, Glide across to it and then turn left.

Here is a broken walkway that’s guarded by Hydra Heads. To get the ball across, hit it with a normal Hammer attack at the exact moment the two distant Hydra Heads recede into their portals. The ball will roll right into the next socket switch and raise the way up to a chest with two Coins of Charon and Zeus’s Lightning.

Hidden Chest

Before you exit, head behind Zeus’s Lightning for a bonus section. Hit the Switch to spawn in a Wooden Ball, which is on fire. This doesn’t mean you can’t touch it, as you’ll only take a small sliver of damage. Hit the ball across the gap with a normal Hammer attack and it’ll fall into a Ball Socket Switch. If it hit the walls, you’ll need to push it over the vent in order to get it to roll into the socket.

Once the ball is in the socket, it’ll spawn in another flaming wooden ball over the vent that activates. Use the platforms on the left to get to the top of the shaft. At the top, you’ll need to time a Charged Hammer attack to whack the ball from underneath and past the platform so that it gets to the Ball Socket Switch on the other side. Once done, pull the ball into the socket to lower the barrier to the hidden chest!

That completes this Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide – The Forgelands: Achilles’s Fighting Pit! Be sure to check out our complete solutions for all the Vaults in Valley of the Eternal Spring, War’s Den and Clashing Rocks.