Remember the days when every console had its own light gun peripheral? From the NES’ Zapper to the Namco GunCon, they were all the rage in the ’90s. The advent of flatscreen TVs hindered their progress, however. Or at least, so we thought. Today, the Nintendo Switch light gun debuts, along with a alien-busting title all of its own.

84 years ago this month, a radio broadcast convinced the nation that Martians had launched an invasion in New Jersey. While that turned out to be a hoax, if aliens ever decided to land on Atlantic City, you’d be ready to scare them off with the Martian Panic Alien Blaster, available from today.  

Alien Blaster boxart

While you wait for that next ‘close encounter’ you can hone your sharpshooting skills on GS2 Games’ Martian Panic for the Nintendo Switch. Martian Panic throws you into action in eight levels set in locations across the world. From the Great Pyramids to your local drive-in theater, defending innocent humans from the interplanetary scourge with nearly a dozen out-of-this-world weapons.

Each stage comes to life through a cluster of mini-cutscenes that chronicle the tale of the alien invasion, and the Alien Blaster adds its own bleeps and blasts for an even more ‘immersive’ experience.

Martian Panic screenshot

Though details are thin on the ground, it would seem as though the Alien Blaster works similarly to the Nintendo Wii’s Zapper. That is, that the device is essentially little more than a holder for the controller; in this case, the JoyCon. However, the Alien Blaster does come with its own built-in light and sound system. Thus, it also requires batteries.

The Martian Panic Alien Blaster works with all Nintendo Switch shooting games. Martian Panic is available today, alongside the Alien Blaster. The pair will be made available in a bundle pack in the near future, though no specific date has yet been announced.

Do you miss the days of light gun games? Will you be buying this Nintendo Switch light gun? Let us know in the comments below!

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