Fairyship Games is about to launch Shame Legacy across most major platforms next week. But that’s not the only title the studio is working on. Also on the development roster is Testament: The Order of High Human. A post-apocalyptic fantasy world in development for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Inspired by some of the great action-adventure RPGs of recent years, Testament has been in development for the past four and a half years.

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Testament: The Order of High Human story

“Players will find themselves taking on the role of Aran – the king of High humans in the land of Tessara – as he serves as guardian of the realm,” the synopsis explains. “Aran has been betrayed by his brother, Arva, and robbed of his powers as the world around him is plunged into darkness and overrun by monsters.”

As the fearless hero, players can wield a sword, bow, and magic abilities, finding their own fighting style. Those who prefer a sword will find a range of destructive and elemental combos. Whilst the sorcerers among you can unleash 15 magical abilities. Furthermore, the magical bow has four different types of arrows. From a normal arrow and ricochet arrow to an explosive arrow and passthrough arrow.

“The best way to describe Testament: The Order of High Human is to say it’s a big melting pot of the best elements from some of the biggest adventure games from the last decade,” says co-creator and studio co-founder Moe Naderi in a statement. “If you take God of War from 2018, throw in some Elder Scrolls, and a slice of two of Dark Souls for good measure, all played out in first-person, and you’ve got the world of Testament in a nutshell.”

Content aplenty

The campaign will feature over 40 main and side quests, the ability to upgrade items as well as crafting mechanics. Testament also features what Fairyship Games calls the ‘Eclipse System’. This is: “based on gameplay entities called eyes of darkness and it consists of 3 different gameplay mechanics that can work separately or together to deliver exciting encounters and challenges.” 

In development for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, a release date has yet to be finalised.

Testament: The Order of High Human, could it make the best RPG games list? Let us know in the comments below.

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