A new addition to the Xbox Series X|S optimised software line-up has arrived today, and a fairly unusual one at that. 18+ dating simulator Nirvana Pilot Yume combines retro-inspired racing with a science-fiction story and very mature themes.

The year is 3080. Travelling through deep space, there are only two things that count on: killing speed and crazy love. You can find both in Nirvana Pilot Yume.

Nirvana Pilot Yume screenshot

In a world where the barrier of the Speed of Light has been broken and the war is gone, the Great Ultrathought Race of the Universe is the most important event. It’s during this race the cities of Orbital City make the most important decisions.

Our protagonist Yume is a young and ambitious girl who wants to become a Nirvana Pilot at all costs. However, Yume needs a second crew member, and as such reaches out to you for help.

You are Eye Aldaine, a former racing champion with a career brought to an abrupt halt by a tragic accident. Will you heed Yume’s call and get back into the action?

Nirvana Pilot Yume screenshot

During the game you will have a chance not only to take first prize in the most important race of the universe, but also to win someone’s heart. The game includes 12 story events with multiple paths and 4 different story endings. It also doesn’t avoid scenes only for adults, with developer RedDeerGames insisting that they are important for story development.

The game will feature 11 races inspired by games from 1993 (which games haven’t been stated, however the trailer below should give you a big clue). You can also race freely outside the storyline in Arcade Mode.

Having debuted on Nintendo Switch earlier this year, Nirvana Pilot Yume is now available for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles.

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