Are you looking to liven-up your winter evenings with the kids? You’re in the right place! Sissa’s Path is a basic but enjoyable game that taxes your brain just enough, but never demands too much of your fingers. If you’re looking for an aggressive action-packed affair, this Sissa’s Path review will tell you why you should keep clear. But for families with children taking their first steps into gaming, that $5 is an almost perfect spend.

Sissa’s Path is a simple puzzle game. Much like the Nintendo Entertainment System’s (NES) Kickle Cubicle, or the more recent Slap the Rocks, the idea of the game is to move objects to create a path. The difference here however, is that you’re moving the objects to set target locations, opposed to simply out of the way.

Sissa's Path screenshot

Here, those objects are balls of yarn. You have a small selection of tiles to move upon, and must push them onto the glowing white circles. It’s not exactly rocket science, but it’s not bad either. The game allows you to undo a singular incorrect move should you quickly discover that you’ve blocked your own path. It’s unlikely you’ll need it until the late stages of the game, but when you do you’ll appreciate the inclusion.

The presentation will be familiar to anyone who’s played eastasiasoft’s plethora of short puzzle games. From Maggie the Magnet to Hatup, they all have a comparable look and feel. From the menu system to the background score, nothing about the presentation of Sissa’s Path will surprise you. That being said, everything here is perfectly realised to achieve the job it needs to. It’s a simple puzzle game; not every game needs the visual clout to blow you away.

Sissa's Path screenshot

Sissa’s Path is an enjoyable little puzzle game. As you can probably tell from this Sissa’s Path review, it’s not exactly groundbreaking. But then, it doesn’t need to be. It delivers an approachable puzzle game experience that’s perfect for gamers with younger children to work through over an evening or two. If that’s the position you’re in, you couldn’t ask for more from your five bucks.

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