The forthcoming DiRT 5 is one of the most highly anticipated next-generation console releases. There’s plenty of talk about the power of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, and what their new technologies will be able to achieve. However, developers Codemasters are planning to use that power to bring back an old school gameplay mode: DiRT 5 couch co-op.

DiRT 5 screenshot

DiRT 5 Career Mode

Many racing games feature multiplayer modes, either on- or offline. However, DiRT 5 isn’t just offering multiplayer racing, but the entire Career Mode is playable as a local multiplayer experience.

The Career Mode is split into five chapters, with each offering multiple paths for the players to take. Players must complete races to open new events in the chapter; the higher you place, the more Stamps you will earn. A certain amount of Stamps are needed to unlock the Main Event of each chapter, and so the better you perform the quicker you can progress.

For any of the Career Mode events that feature multiple cars on track, each additional player takes the spot of what would be an AI driver in single-player. The highest finishing position of any player is the one that’s counted, meaning you could earn more Stamps, more sponsor bonuses and more currency by teaming up. Whilst those rewards earned only count for the host player, each additional player will receive XP and currency rewards for their own accounts, which they’ll have whenever they next play DIRT 5 as the host player.

Another win is that the couch co-op is drop-in/out. You don’t have to play the entire Career Mode together, so your pals can jump in or out of your Career whenever you want without it halting your progression.

DiRT 5 screenshot

Next-Generation Couch Co-Op

Games have been getting bigger in scope and detail for many years, but there’s also been a movement away from split-screen gameplay. Online multiplayer has taken a central role, but there’s something special about getting together and playing a game with a buddy or two. Hopefully, the push for DiRT 5 couch co-op will bring about a revival of the long lost gameplay mode.

What are your favourite couch co-op games? Have you tried any of the Resident Evil multiplayer games? Let us know in the comments below!

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