It seems eastasiasoft have plans to go hard with ports of Tonguç Bodur’s adventures games in 2023. Having already revealed that The Redress of Mira is coming soon, we now also have an official release date for Cions of Vega. The is good news. While Bodur’s work may not be for everyone, those that know have very much enjoyed seeing the growth of his adventures.

Debuting on consoles around a year ago, The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna was an insightful walking simulator. Taking but an evening or two to complete, the game offered commentary on the modern world through a unique interpretation. Late last year, Finding the Soul Orb arrived on consoles. This added a combat element to the game which wasn’t entirely necessary, but broke up the action considerably. Hopes are high for The Redress of Mira pushing the boundaries yet further.

Cions of Vega screenshot

And then we come to Cions of Vega. Players will take the role of a man on a desperate hunt to find his missing daughter. You will guide the father as he searches the countryside and a mysterious town in hopes of bringing his daughter home. You will also be accompanied by the man’s brother, Logan, who sometimes offers insight or commentary. Together, you’ll need to search for notes, drawings, keys and other clues along the way. Many mysteries await, from local cult activity to a town where children seem to have forgotten their parents.

Cions of Vega is a mystery adventure presented in a first-person cinematic style. As with Bodur’s other titles, atmospheric sound design and environmental storytelling are key elements. In order to progress the narrative, you’ll need to solve puzzles and find your way between key locations. According to eastasiasoft, light platforming elements and interactive surroundings offer variety and challenge.

Cions of Vega is set to launch on 8th March, 2023. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. Are you ready for a new Bodur adventure? Let us know in the comments below!

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