Evil Dead: The Game is today receiving two new DLC packs. The first, a new battle royale-style Splatter Royale mode, is playable today in a free update for all platforms. The second Evil Dead: The Game DLC is the Immortal Power DLC Bundle, includes a new survivor, outfits and more.

In Splatter Royale, players can choose Deadite versions of any Survivors and Demons from the game. This includes and DLC characters and outfits you’ve purchased. Use your wits and weapons to become the last person standing in fast-paced, cutthroat action. Battle up to 40 players and experience even more carnage with two new bonus weapons: the long-range grenade launcher and the scythe, deadly for close-range Deadite combat. All players can also pick up Pablo’s “Kandarian Facelift” Outfit at no additional cost. 

Evil Dead: The Game Splatter Royal screenshot

Separate from the release of Splatter Royale mode, all players can make their victory all the more spectacular with the Immortal Power DLC Bundle. Available from today for £7.99 GBP/$9.99 USD, this Evil Dead: The Game DLC features a variety of in-game bonuses.

Evil Dead: The Game Immortal Power DLC Bundle Contents:

  • New Survivor: Ruby Knowby
    • Ruby is voiced by the legendary Lucy Lawless, reprising her mysterious role from the STARZ series “Ash vs Evil Dead.”
    • As a Dark One, Ruby can regenerate health, increase her possession resistance, and boost the damage of her weapons. She can also consume souls to make her aura stronger and charge her unique ability, triggering a deadly blast that damages evil units within range and heals nearby Survivors.
  • Kelly “Scourge of Evil” Outfit
  • Pablo “Fish n’ Chips” Outfit
  • Ash vs Evil Dead “Party Animal” Outfit
  • Puppeteer Demon Class “King of the White Frost” Outfit
Evil Dead: The Game DLC keyart

Evil Dead: The Game launched last year and was met with significant critical acclaim. Chit Hot delivered an Evil Dead: The Game review upon launch, stating: “Evil Dead: The Game is a fantastic multiplayer experience, and even serviceable in solo play. It provides a taste in your first few matches that sucks you in. Once you know what you’re actually doing, it’s a hugely compelling game of cat-and-mouse. Grab a few friends and head online today; you won’t be disappointed.”

Evil Dead: The Game is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Chit Hot has also prepared an extensive Evil Dead: The Game guide, so you have no excuse not to start chopping down some Deadites!

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