Want to get ahead in Immortals: Fenyx Rising? Those Vaults giving you trouble? Check out this Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide featuring the solution to all three Vaults in the Clashing Rocks area of the game.

The Clashing Rocks area is where the game begins. While there’s much more in this area than what is accessible at the start, all three Vaults are part of the opening storyline.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide - Clashing Rocks

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults Guide – Clashing Rocks

The three Vaults in the Clashing Rocks area are known as ‘Passage in the Abyss’, ‘Odysseus’ Struggle and ‘The One-Eyed Giant’. It’s unlikely that any of these Vaults will cause you any real trouble, however finding a path to those Hidden Chests may well be. Check out the full solutions for each Vault below!

Passage in the Abyss

The first Vault in the game features some simple platforming and a puzzle. The solution is to activate the first switch to go right, then activate another switch, again on the right. Then go back and deactivate the first switch. This will raise the platforms so you can grab your first Wings.

Using these Wings, you can double jump and grab your axe, which is then followed by a combat tutorial. Once the tutorial has been completed simply open the chest at the end of the path. Congratulations, you’ve just completed your first Vault!

Odysseus’s Struggle

Another very simple Vault. In ‘Odysseus’s Struggle’ you’ll need to move some golden boxes onto pressure pads then pull a box off the wall with the Bracers so you can reach the next level.

To finish this Vault you’ll need to throw the boxes onto the pressure pads, which completes the basic Bracers tutorial. You’ll then grab a Bow and get another brief tutorial. Finally, you’ll need to shoot the chain to drop the rock onto the pressure pad. Open the chest at the end to finish this Vault.

The One-Eyed Giant

At the first pressure pads stand on the right with two boxes. On the second set, switch the boxes around. You’ll then face some Gorgons. This may be challenging but as soon as you defeat them you can recover your health at the table with the apple. Soon these combat challenges will be much easier.

Next, activate the switch and pull the box onto the pressure pad. Go back and grab the box from the side for the next pressure pad. Activate the switches and roll the balls into the curved recesses. For the one inside the gold cage, you’ll need to pull it towards the walls to get around the corners.

Once these puzzles have been solved you’ll have to fight a cyclops. Throwing the rocks will do big damage, but keep an eye on the attacks that glow red; these can’t be parried. Once defeated the Vault can be competed by – you guessed it! – opening the chest.

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