Super Villain Games have announced the upcoming launch of their latest game, King of the Arcade. An arcade-style game that brings back the nostalgia of spending hours at the arcade as a child, King of the Arcade features more than 40 playable games and epic boss battles. What’s more, it will offer both online and local multiplayer – an increasingly lost art in modern gaming.

In King of the Arcade, players take on the role of Mac McCormick. A former arcade champion, McCormick who has fallen on hard times. Now he must save Castle’s Arcade from a hostile takeover by the ruthless landlord Jimmy Joysticks and his arcade gang.

As stated above, King of the Arcade features over 40 games across multiple genres. Players will experience games based on arcade classics. Interesting names such After School Beat Down, Virtual Enforcers, Space Ravager, Shotgun Princess, and High-Speed Racing. No guessing for what Retro Invaders is aiming to emulate. An open-world experience, you must explore the arcade and defend it against Jimmy’s goons in epic boss battles.  

“We wanted to give players a sense of nostalgia back when everyone would spend hours and hours at the arcade and it was one of the joys of your childhood with this 80’s inspired arcade,” said Allan Cozart, co-founder of Super Villain Games. “With King of the Arcade, players can relive those moments and become the ultimate arcade champion.”

King of the Arcade screenshot

King of the Arcade Release Date

The game is available for pre-order at a discounted price of $6.39 USD on the Xbox Store, with a base price of $7.99 upon release. The game will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Future platforms to be announced later this year.

The game marks Super Villain Games’ second release, with the sleeper hit Doug Hates His Job already available. Have you played this debut? Excited for some couch co-op action with King of the Arcade? Let us know in the comments below!

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