The runaway virtual pet success of the 1990s, Tamagotchi, has tried many times for a revival. Modern devices themed around the likes of Toy Story and The Mandalorian have carved their own niche, but it’s nothing like the fad 30-40 somethings will remember. Now however, Catgochi on Nintendo Switch aims to change that.

RedDeer.Games has today launched the game, Catgotchi: Virtual Pet. Reminiscent of the 1990s, the virtual kitten care simulator is a retro-styled experience. This isn’t Nintendogs. It’s not a modernisation. It’s a recreation of the experience for modern hardware.

Catgochi on Nintendo Switch

Catgochi on Nintendo Switch

As stated above, Catgotchi: Virtual Pet is a nostalgic retro-style game. The player’s main objective is to take proper care of a cat of their choice. The game’s inspiration, reflected in both gameplay and artwork, is the iconic Japanese portable video game console Tamagotchi – published worldwide by Bandai. While Tamagotchi‘s have featured aliens, rabbits, dragons and more, Catgotchi on Nintendo Switch is – you guessed it – entirely about cats.

The player takes care of a cat by feeding it, playing with it, and taking cleaning it. The happier the cat is, the faster it will grow. To keep the cat happy, the player should spend as much time as possible with their animal. The cat might become sad and even get sick if they don’t.

Catgotchi: Virtual Pet‘s unique advantage, according to RedDeer.Games, is the ability to care for several cats at the same time. Additionally, while playing the game, players can unlock over a dozen different cat breeds.

Catgochi on Nintendo Switch

Catgochi: Virtual Pet Release

Catgotchi: Virtual Pet is available for Nintendo Switch as of today. The game is priced at $12.99 USD. However, you can download it today for just $1.99 USD as part of the ‘Indie Spring Spree’ sale.

Are you interested in getting a virtual pet of your own? Know someone who’d love a little ball of fur this Easter? Let us know in the comments below!

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