The Death army of the Soulblight Gravelords is getting a nice refresh in 2023. Alongside a new battletome and Vanguard collection, a new character has been introduced; Ivya Volga. With the battletome not yet out, for those Warhammer: Age of Sigmar players interested in what the new model can offer here are the Ivya Volga rules of combat.

Ivya is very much a solo character as her backstory sees her known to her family as the Outcast. Because of this, and the fact that being immortal gives you plenty of time to focus on your hobbies, she’s a monster hunter by trade. Ivya has spent centuries wandering the Mortal Realms on the hunt for new monsters to slay.

Soulblight Gravelords Ivya Volga

However, she’s never truly alone. With Ivya at all times is her bat swarm. Fiercely loyal, they’ve fed on the blood of many an arcane creature, helping to boost both their and Volga’s abilities in battle.

Ivya Volga Rules

Because of Ivya’s penchant for fighting huge monsters, she’s gained the title of Behemoth’s Bane.

  • Behemoth’s BaneIf any enemy Monsters are within 3″ of this unit, this unit counts as 10 models for the purposes of contesting objectives. In addition, while an enemy Monster is within 3″ of this unit, the Attacks characteristic of that Monster’s melee weapons is 1.

And then there are her trusty bats. Attended by her Shrieking Swarm, their Needling Fangs can unleash a frenzied flurry of death.

  • Shrieking SwarmSubtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks that target this unit. In addition, if this unit has any wounds allocated to it, the Attacks characteristic of this unit’s Needling Fangs is 12 instead of 2D6.
  • Needling Fangs – Range 1″, Attacks 2D6, To Hit 4+, To Wound 4+, Rend -1, Damage 1.

And there you have all the Ivya Volga rules available. The Soulblight Gravelords battletome will be available to pre-order from Saturday 6th April 2023.

You can start collecting the Soulblight Gravelords today, or do you have another army in mind? Let us know in the comments below.