Survival: Fountain of Youth is a single-player survival game set in the 16th-century Caribbean islands. Developed by Odinsoft, the game has now launched on Steam Early Access, ahead of its intended PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions.

Taking inspiration from Juan Ponce de Leon’s legendary 16th-century expedition for the Fountain of Youth, Survival: Fountain of Youth finds the player waking up disoriented on an unfamiliar island after a terrible storm. Shipwrecked and stranded with limited resources, you must first get to work securing shelter. You’ll be scavenging for food and water, trying to stay healthy as diseases and predators loom.

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Survival: Fountain of Youth Gameplay

In Survival: Fountain of Youth, you must create a base to store materials and craft tools before adventuring outward. Once you’ll established a base level of survivability, it’s time to search for points of interest and clues relating to both the missing crewmembers and the mysterious civilization that once called these islands home. All the while, still inspired to continue the search for the Fountain of Youth.

You must scour for materials to assemble an arsenal of weapons and tools. These range from simple spears to gunpowder muskets. Transform basic lean-tos into cozy cabins, and develop skills to spend survival points that unlock valuable perks.

You can also build craft to sail to new islands and locations. Starting with a primitive raft, you’ll soon be able to upgrade to capable Spanish vessels that cut through waves. Use ships as a floating base or set up camps on different islands to facilitate longer exploration missions to uncover secrets and clues related to the story experience. Survival: Fountain of Youth encourages both player-defined adventuring and story-driven questing, allowing everyone to play at their own pace.

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Odinsoft’s Update Plans

In the Early Access version of the game, players will be able to traverse two regions. There are also plans for two major content updates adding new regions and islands. A fifth region will arrive with the full PC and console launch.

Odinsoft plan to use the Early Access launch to ‘fine-tune the experience and improve the game based on player feedback’. Content and features will be added regularly, and bugs will be resolved as they are discovered.

Survival: Fountain of Youth blends a historical setting with open-ended survival mechanics to create a challenging and rewarding experience for those that love exploration,” said Stas Ignatov, Head of Publishing, Odinsoft. “Entering early access is an adventure unto itself, and we look forward to embarking on this journey with players today on Steam!”

Survival: Fountain of Youth is now available on Steam Early Access for Windows PC for $20.69 USD / £17.38 GBP after a 10% launch discount available through 26th April, 2023. Are you interested in setting sail for an Early Access release? Or waiting to see how the final version shapes up? Let us know in the comments below!

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