The 10th Edition of Warhammer 40K has brought plenty of new and exciting battle prospects for collectors. 2023 has also seen the rise of the Tyranid’s Leviathan Hive fleet, stretching anew throughout the galaxy. This has seen Games Workshop introduce new bundles like the Warhammer 40,000: Ultimate Starter Set. Now, pre-orders have gone live for even more Tyranids units.

Tyranid fans can now pre-order a heap of new miniatures as well as other assorted accessories. Whether you’re after huge new commanders to lead your army, or filling the battlefield with legions of Genestealers, there’s plenty of choice. And, of course, a new codex to compliment it all.

Tyranids Pre-orders Norn Emissary
Norn Emissary

Tyranid pre-order collection

Nobody does fear-inducing monsters quite like the Tyranids. First up is the Norn Emissary, a towering, ferocious creature that dominates its foes with powerful psychic powers. The model can also be built as the Norn Assimilator, an inexhaustible assassin bristling with razor-sharp bio-weapons.

Then you have the Deathleaper. These creatures have an instinctual understanding of fear with which to terrorise their foe. In doing so incapacitating and sowing paranoia before it guts its targets with a fearsome array of talons and claws.

Lictors are living weapons with chameleonic skin. Games Workshop notes that: “This kit is the most adaptable Lictor ever, and can be built in three distinct poses that allow for dozens of options each.” Equally devastating is the Neurolictor, a Tyranid that’s able to stay hidden whilst its neural disruption field sows psychological havoc.

At the front of the battle lineup are the Genestealers. Brutal in numbers and very swift, their talons tear even a Terminator in two. The new models also with the option to outfit each figure with tentacled Ymgarl heads.

Termagants and Hormagaunts comprise the rest of the frontline. There are 10 Termagants and a Ripper Swarm in each box, plus an upgrade frame containing devourers, spinefists, and special weapons – a powerful spike rifle, a strangleweb, and a shardlauncher. The Hormagaunts box features 10 models as well as a Ripper Swarm.

Last but not least, for that much-needed ranged element there’s the Biovore. These fire a payload of spore mines across the battlefield – living ammunition that hunts down its targets. Can also be built as a Pyrovore, which fires torrents of corrosive acid and chemical fire.

To get the best out of all your units you’ll need the new Codex: Tyranids. This 120-page book replaces the Tyranid Index with six new Detachments each with unique abilities, rules, Enhancements and Stratagems, on top of datasheets for 47 Tyranid units. 

These are all available to pre-order now with availability from Saturday 9th September 2023. Which ones will you be adding to your collection?