Described as “the golf for people who hate golf”, Triband’s WHAT THE GOLF? has proved to be a hit on mobile, PC and Nintendo Switch. Soon PlayStation owners will get to see what all the fuss is about. WHAT THE GOLF? is due to hit PS4 and PS5 in March.

The award-winning physics-based golf parody serves up a huge amount of hilarious courses to play through. Have you ever wanted to golf with cats, couches, horses, cars, TVs, tennis, dogs, flags, flying houses, or a fax machine? Now you can!

The core game has hundreds of creative levels, with new episodes further expanding the library. Content is further filled out with daily courses and special days, and a local two-player party mode. Plus, there’s a level editor if you want to create your own.

WHAT THE GOLF screenshot1

Comic golfing on PS5

If you hate the idea of par 4’s, getting stuck in sand banks and working out whether a 9-Iron or a putter is better, then look no further. No golfing prowess is required as you expertly whack an office chair to the green, navigating traffic in the process.

“The PS5 version features fully optimised DualSense support in case you have wondered what it feels like to golf a house, a car or a planet. It also brings over 300 levels, including plenty of previously released updates like the Among-Us-inspired Among Golf! More updates are on the way too!” says Triband.

WHAT THE GOLF? will be available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 from 14th March 2024. Wishlist the game here. Don’t forget to check out the new trailer here.

Furthermore, Triband has also brought it to the new Apple Vision Pro. They’re also the same team behind WHAT THE BAT?

What’s your favourite golf game, is this it? Let us know in the comments below.

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