If you’re a big fan of the Alien franchise then you’ll know there’s a new Alien movie coming in 2024. However, if you need a Xenomorph fix sooner, then you might want to take a look at Aliens: Bishop. It’s a new novel available now digitally, written by author T.R. Napper.

As the title implies, Alien: Bishop continues the story arc of the synthetic lifeform Bishop. A direct sequel to Aliens and Alien 3 – let’s not speak of Alien: Resurrection the book breathes new life into Bishop after the unfortunate synth is ripped apart by the Xenomorph queen. If you remember, he’s reanimated in the third film but asks Ripley to shut him down for good.

Aliens: Bishop

Can’t keep a valuable synth down

Alas, a pleasant slumber isn’t on the cards for Bishop, as his encounters with the Xenomorphs make him too valuable an asset.

As the synopsis explains:

“Massively damaged in Aliens and Alien3, the synthetic Bishop asked to be shut down forever. His creator, Michael Bishop, has other plans. He seeks the Xenomorph knowledge stored in the android’s mind, and brings Bishop back to life—but for what reason? No longer an employee of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, Michael tells his creation that he seeks to advance medical research for the benefit of humanity. Yet where does he get the resources needed to advance his work. With whom do his new allegiances lie?

“Bishop is pursued by Colonial Marines Captain Marcel Apone, commander of the Il Conde and younger brother of Master Sergeant Alexander Apone, one of the casualties of the doomed mission to LV-426. Also on his trail are the “Dog Catchers,” commandos employed by Weyland-Yutani.

“Who else might benefit from Bishop’s intimate knowledge of the deadliest creatures in the galaxy?”

You can buy Aliens: Bishop as a digital download now. Or pre-order the hardcover version which will be available on 12th December 2023.

As for the new movie, it is seemingly called Alien: Romulus at present – although that might be a working title. Filming has concluded with a release date set for 16th August 2024. Little is known about the plot, other than it’ll be an original stand-alone entry in the franchise.