With the upcoming Tekken 8 grabbing headlines, the series fanbase has become reinvigorated. While we await the launch of Tekken 8 in early 2024, attentions have been turned to a classic game from the franchise. The third edition for the original PlayStation is a landmark game, and this guide will tell you how to unlock all the characters in Tekken 3.

The original Tekken and Tekken 2 were popular games, but there’s little doubt that it was Tekken 3 that cemented the series in the popular mindset. The game reportedly sold 8.36 million copies on PlayStation, far above any previous title and many since. Indeed, there are fans who would argue that to this day – 25 years later – Tekken 3 remains the series’ peak. If you’re returning to the game today, you’ll need to know how to unlock all the characters in Tekken 3.

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Tekken 3 Guide: How to Unlock All the Characters

Unlocking all of the characters in Tekken 3 is actually quite a simple process. The first note is that every time you complete Arcade Mode with a new character, you’ll unlock a different character. Also, selecting any character a certain amount of times will unlock the characters (as long as it registered in records on character usage).

Here’s the order in which you’ll unlock characters through this process:

Arcade Mode CompletionsCharacter SelectionsCharacter Unlocked
3rd200Gun Jack
9th500True Ogre

How to Play as Tiger in Tekken 3

Once you’ve unlocked Tiger, his selection process will remain different to all other characters. To play as Tiger in Tekken 3, select Eddy with the right punch button.

Tiger isn’t a truly new character, but he does benefit from his own theme music and Arcade Mode ending!

How to Unlock Doctor Boskonovitch in Tekken 3

Once you’ve completed Arcade Mode with 16 different characters, there will be two characters remaining to be unlocked: Doctor Boskonovitch and Gon.

To unlock Doctor Boskonovitch, you’ll need to play through the Tekken Force mode. Complete this four times to face Doctor Boskonovitch as the last boss. Defeating him will unlock him as a playable character.

Alternatively, there is a random chance of encountering him in Arcade Mode. If you do so, and manager to achieve a ‘Great Victory’, you’ll unlock him. This is done by winning a round with only a tiny amount of health remaining.

How to Unlock Gon in Tekken 3

There are five ways to unlock Gon in Tekken 3. None of them are particularly complicated.

  • Complete arcade mode with Doctor Boskonovitch.
  • Defeat him in Tekken Ball mode (unlocked after beating Arcade Mode with 10 different characters).
  • In survival mode, when asked for initials, put in GON. Easy!
  • As with Doctor Boskonovitch, a rare random encounter could occur in Arcade Mode. Win with a ‘Great Victory’.
  • Selecting any character 650 times will unlock Gon.

Once unlocked, to play as Gon press left when selecting Xiaoyu or Doctor Boskonovitch, or right when selecting Jin or Anna.

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Missing any Characters?

If you’ve been following the above and still find there’s a character or two missing, there’s a simple way to resolve the issue. Once Tekken Ball mode is unlocked (after completing Arcade Mode with 10 different characters), simply play this mode and defeat the character you wish to unlock.

That wraps up this guide for how to unlock all the characters in Tekken 3! Are there any other elements of the game you need help with? Let us know in the comments below!

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