Fulqrum Publishing and Cresthelm Studios have revealed that ‘Chapter One’ of retro-inspired first-person shooter Diluvian Ultra is arriving on PC on 28th September, 2023. Using an odd array of both traditional tech and organic armaments, Diluvian Ultra looks set to provide a frantic bullet hell take on the classic ’90s FPS.

Chapter one of Diluvian Ultra provides ‘a full game’s worth of content’, according to Fulqrum Publishing. The story will be further continued in subsequent Chapters, released as DLCs. This first chapter sees players aboard a living tomb ship in deep space, taking on the role of Prince Atilla. You are awoken from stasis to find your vessel running red with the blood of your crew. You get one guess as to what happens next.

Diluvian Ultra screenshot

Diluvian Ultra Gameplay

The combat system in Diluvian Ultra is all about staying mobile and making the best strategic decisions for each encounter. Be that switching between Tech and Organic weapons, combining Lethal and Armour damage, or activating a power-up, players must find the best way to outsmart their enemies.

The levels in the game promise an abundance of secrets for players to expose, just like the classics. Say DOOM or Hexen, and you’ll guess there’s health pickups, ammo, power-ups, and other secrets to find. Alongside these secrets, players will also be on the hunt for blood to consume. This currency will gain focus points, which can then be used to upgrade or customise weapons. From increasing damage and rate of fire to alternate fire modes such as reflecting projectiles or pathfinding, these upgrades could prove invaluable.

Chapter One of Diluvian Ultra includes 10 levels and a hub, six unique weapons with 30 different upgrades, and 13 enemy types. The game will launch on 28th September, 2023.

Are you excited for more ’90s inspired FPS action? Would you be interested in a console port of Diluvian Ultra? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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