Saber Interactive has released a new gameplay video for Evil Dead: The Game. However, this time it’s not about showing us demons or the weapons featured in the game. This time our hero Bruce Campbell, the actor behind series protagonist Ash Williams, gets in on the action.

In this video Bruce Campbell and his son, Andy Campbell, take on a crew of hardcore Evil Dead fans. Packed with commentary from Bruce and strategy banter from the team, the session showcases a number of elements from Evil Dead: The Game. Learn about the different characters strengths and weaknesses. How team mechanics can be used to fight the Demon gameplay (including traps and possession). See some beautifully brutal finishing moves, the game’s Fear mechanic – including Screamer jump scares – and much more.

Bruce Campbell Commentates Andy Campbell’s Evil Dead: The Game Experience

Watch Bruce Campbell and Andy Campbell team up as the Kandarian Demon. Going head-to-head against a team of hardcore Evil Dead fan content creators playing as Survivors including Matt Sohinki, David Cage from UnCAGEDgamez, Godzilla Mendoza and Riley from Slash N Cast.

The Evil Dead: The Game release date has been set for 13th May, 2022. The game will launch simultaneously for PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is also scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch in the future.

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