The Xbox 360 is rapidly approaching it’s 18th birthday. Here in the UK, that means it’s nearly old enough to buy you a beer. Or vote, whichever you think is the more important responsibility. Kicking-off the celebrations early, Xbox has launch a range of Xbox 360 merchandise for you to show off your retro fandom.

Dubbed ‘The Heritage Collection‘, the retro range encompassed Halo 3, Xbox Live and the Xbox 360 console itself. Gamers of a certain age will have the opportunity to proudly display their affinity for the Xbox 360 console with five retro-inspired clothing items.

Xbox 'The Heritage' Collection T-Shirt

Xbox 360 Retro ‘The Heritage Collection’

  • Halo 3 Heritage Pullover Hoodie
  • Halo 3 Heritage Tee
  • Xbox 360 Heritage Tee
  • Xbox 360 Heritage Vortex Pullover Hoodie
  • Xbox 360 Heritage Pullover Hoodie

No jokes about that ‘Xbox 360 Heritage Pullover Hoodie’ being better with a red ring, please.

Xbox 'The Heritage' Collection Hoodie

This of course isn’t the first time a video game franchise has created a clothing range celebrating its history. Nintendo have been offering a fine selection of wares for a number of years, and the PlayStation branding is as synonymous with apparel as it is with the consoles themselves.

The Best Retro Gaming Merchandise

It’s hard to pick out the best retro-themed gaming merchandise available as there’s simply so much of it. However, recent picks include a wealth of Metal Gear Solid merch and the Starfield Vasco Funko Pop. There’s also a range of fantastic Special Edition Mario Bomber Jackets that launched earlier this year. Sadly however, these are not available in adult sizes.

Soundtracks are of course a big hit amongst gaming fans. Recent highlights include the OST for the Super Mario Bros. Movie and a staggeringly huge Final Fantasy XVI Original Soundtrack Ultimate Edition.

What’s your favourite retro gaming merchandise? Let us know in the comments below!

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