Videogame merchandise comes in many forms. Metal Gear Solid recently benefited from a swathe of new goodies, while the Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle collector’s edition comes with a variety of physical bonuses. Arguably the biggest release of the year, Starfield, is yet to see much in this field. However, that’s bound to change, beginning with the reveal of a Starfield Vasco Funko POP.

Starfield is set to launch officially next week, however some players will be able to begin their journey into the stars today. To find out how, check out this report on the Starfield Release Date, Early Access, File Size & More. The game will officially launch on 6th September, 2023, for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

If you’re waiting until next week to get in on the action, you can prepare to explore the Starfield universe with a lovable robot companion by your side. Except, it won’t be exactly. More of a promise, as the newly revealed Starfield Vasco Funko POP isn’t actually shipping until February 2024. A bit odd, that one.

The Vasco limited edition Funko Pop! is an Xbox Gear Shop exclusive. The figure is posed to ensure this expeditionary robot meets the mission requirements as a prized display piece on your shelf. This figure is apparently only available in limited quantities, however no specific amount has been revealed.

Starfield Vasco Funko POP

Starfield Vasco Funko POP Details

  • Apx. 4.05 inches tall vinyl figure
  • Includes Xbox Gear Shop exclusive sticker on box
  • Priced at £17.99 GBP
  • Shipping February 2024

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And if you’re a Starfield fan, you can further build your anticipation with the newly released Imagine Dragons song, Children of the Sky (a Starfield song). This new single was inspired by the game itself (did the band get a review copy?).

As stated above, Starfield is available from today for early access players, and 6th September for everyone else. Let us know if you’re already journeying to the stars!

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