It’s amazing to think that 43 years ago, Namco would create one of the most popular video game characters, Pac-Man. To mark the momentous passing of time and the influence the videogame character has had, a new Lego set has been unveiled. The LEGO Icons PAC-MAN Arcade set recreates the definitive ’80s arcade game in all of its glory.

Pac-Man was officially released on 29th June, 1980, in Japan followed by a worldwide release later on. It would see an install base of 293,822 arcade units within 7 years. Guinness World Records acknowledged the game as the “Most Successful Coin-Operated Game” in the world. And for a bit of trivia, the character shape is based on a pizza with a slice missing.

LEGO PAC-MAN Arcade image5


Bringing this classic into brick form, the LEGO Icons PAC-MAN Arcade set is comprised of 2,650 pieces. The arcade cabinet features a light-up coin slot, joystick and mechanical crank. Therefore, you can move the characters around but not actually play the game.

There are brick versions of Pac-Man, Blinky and Clyde to build and display on the top of the cabinet. Additionally, there is: “a small vignette of a female minifigure playing Pac-Man on an Arcade hidden inside of the cabinet,” Lego reveals.

“Since PAC-MAN yellow was actually inspired by the LEGO Group yellow, it made the connection even more natural. It has been a tremendous collaboration with the passionate teams at the LEGO Group and we hope that fans will enjoy this kit,” said Aadil Tayouga, Director of Licensing and Business Strategy at Bandai Namco Europe.

LEGO Icons PAC-MAN Arcade set goes on sale from 1st June 2023 for Lego VIP members. A general release will take place on the 4th June. The set will retail for $269.99 USD / €269.99 EUR/ £229.99 GBP.

Are you a huge Lego/Pac-Man fan? Is this kit worth the cash? Let us know in the comments below.