It is almost time to say goodbye to Summer and welcome the cooling breeze of Autumn. That tends to mean less swimwear and more comfortable wear, enjoying home comforts and entertainment. Which might mean a few tech upgrades to help facilitate hours of gaming. So if you’re looking for a new gaming keyboard or similar peripherals, Cherry Gaming has a choice selection.

Cherry Keyboard MV3 specs
Cherry MV 3.0 Viola Wired Mechanical Keyboard


A decent keyboard is essential for PC gaming and Cherry has a wide variety available. Whether you’re looking for a classic black aesthetic or something a bit more vibrant, these will give your gaming setup that slick look.

Or for some alternatives try:

Gaming Accessories

Keyboards aren’t the only accessories a dedicated PC gamer needs in their life. There are plenty of other little bits and pieces that can help elevate your PC time.

And that’s your lot. If you’ve got spare cash burning a hole in your pockets and want to take your gaming on the move, check out the Valve refurbished Steam Decks which recently became available.

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