Earlier this year Chit Hot reported on the upcoming Mars 2120, a new metroidvania title coming to PC and consoles. Developer QUByte Interactive has today announced that development on the title is going well, and Mars 2120 will launch in late 2024.

What is Mars 2120?

Inspired by the classics of the genre, and with many references taken from the sci-fi universes of books, films and games, the metroidvania Mars 2120 is the most ambitious project of the Brazilian independent studio QUByte Interactive.

The game was developed, from its very first draft, over the course of five years by a team of just six people. This team are passionate about the exploration, mystery and adventure that the iconic metroidvanias have brought to players over time. The result is a declaration of love for the genre by a team that grew up playing and learning about it.

The Journey to Mars

The size of the project was a big undertaking for QUByte Interactive. This significance for a studio typically working on smaller, less complex projects ended up earning a documentary about the development process. The documentary “Journey to Mars” will be unveiled in June and already has a teaser released (below). In the video, the team talk about the inspirations for the game. But moreover, they also discuss the challenges they faced to make a fair and beautiful tribute to the beloved metroidvania genre.

In addition, Mars 2120 also proved to be a milestone for the studio itself. In an effort to learn and work, for the first time, with the team opted to use Unreal Engine.

Mars 2120 PC & Console Launch

Mars 2120 originally debuted for PC via Steam Early Access in late 2022. The intention here was to collect feedback from players. The development process was then guided by the observations and wishes of the players.

At the end of May 2024, the studio finally received approval for the the last pending platform: Nintendo Switch. This console, according to QUByte, requires the most optimisation in order to provide a gaming experience without any performance problems.

As such, Mars 2120 is in its final stages and will be released in the second half of 2024 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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