Kaku Ancient Seal was originally revealed way back in 2022. The game debuted with an expected 2023 launch date, and yet little materialised. A Steam Early Access launch instead, with no console editions available. That’s set to change soon however, as BingoBell will launch Kaku Ancient Seal on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S this summer.

Kaku Ancient Seal screenshot

Kaku Ancient Seal is an Open-World Adventure

Developed by BingoBell, Kaku Ancient Seal is very much leaning into the ‘action’ part of action-adventure. The game sees you engaging in combo-driven combat. A skill tree allows you to evolve your style as you progress, and the game includes a Rune system which customises your weapon loadout.

There’s a huge variety of abilities on offer, too. You’re able to transform into the Creator Sage for hefty blows or unleash your Musou power for deft swiftness. But it’s not all about the fighting…

On your adventure, you’ll be exploring diverse elemental continents. From the icy expanses of the Howling Snowfield to the murky depths of the Misty Swamps, all the while uncovering stories and secrets. You’ll be meeting the continent’s indigenous inhabitants, the Ponpon, and uncovering hidden tales by completing various events. If it all sounds a little Outcast: A New Beginning, that’s because, well, it is.

However, on this adventure you’re not alone. You have a flying pig companion, affectionately known as Piggy. Piggy also comes with a variety of abilities for you to master, hinting at some Banjo-Kazooie style platforming action along the way.

Story Details

Set in a primordial era, the world of Kaku Ancient Seal was created by the elemental power of the Creator Sage. One day, a calamity from another realm strikes, causing the dispersion of the elemental souls, and the world splits into four continents. At this time, the Creator Sage goes missing.

Millennia later, a young man named Kaku, living in the vast snowy mountains, along with Piggy, shoulders the task of finding the lost elemental souls under the guidance of a lost prophecy. Together, you’ll embark on an ancient and fantastical adventure to uncover the truth behind the calamity.

Demo Trailer

A demo version of Kaku Ancient Seal is available now. Eager gamers can download the demo for free via Steam. However, despite the game also heading to consoles there’s no sign of a demo being released on either PlayStation or Xbox formats currently.

If you’re intrigued, be sure to check out the new demo trailer below. In the video you’ll see the game’s combat in action. There’s fights against huge bosses with all the above mentioned combat variety, and also glimpses of the exploration, too. But thankfully without going so far as to spoil any surprises. Do be sure to watch out for those moves with your buddy Piggy, too!

Kaku Ancient Seal Launch Details

As stated above, the game debuted via Steam Early Access last year. The game was well received even in this early state. The full launch of the game will come soon, and is expected to arrive simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. There’s been no mention of PlayStation 4 nor Xbox One as of yet.

Kaku Ancient Seal will launch on 14th July, 2024. Are you interested in a new open-world adventure game? Let us know in the comments below!

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