Naraven Games have announced their debut commercial title, Backfirewall, is set for release this month. The Backfirewall release date for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S has been set for 30th January, 2023. The Nintendo Switch edition will launch at a later date. Until then, PC gamers can try the free game demo available on Steam.

Backfirewall_ invites you, the Update Assistant, on an adventure. Partner with the sassy self-aware Operating System, OS9, for some comic escapades. Faced with replacement by the far-better-optimised OS10, OS9 is desperate from getting obliterated by technological advances. As such, he comes up with a plan in order to stay alive.

Curious what happens in your phone? Backfirewall_ is a nano-journey taking place in a weird and wonderful smartphone’s setting. The game is promised to be brimming with life and telltale conversations with quirky characters. Each of which is an irreplaceable piece of personified software with its own rich file history.

backfirewall screenshot

Backfirewall Gameplay

In Backfirewall_, players will explore and manipulate their surroundings to solve puzzles, hunt down bugs, and use cheat-codes in an attempt to disrupt the update. Discover what truly goes on inside your smartphone and contemplate the perpetual struggle between self-preservation and noble sacrifice. Make up your own mind: does OS9 really deserve to be discarded, or is there a way to let him stay?

“We are more than thrilled to finally announce the release date for Backfirewall_. The whole team has put a lot of effort into creating this engaging story crafted with clever humor,” said Julia Jean, Creative Director at Naraven Games. “Soon everyone interested will have a chance to properly meet the cheeky Operating System and decide its fate despite being absolutely astonished that someone would even consider updating it.”

The demo version of Backfirewall_ can be downloaded via Steam now. The full game will be available from 30th January, 2023. No release date has yet been set for the Nintendo Switch edition.

Are you interested in picking up Backfirewall_ later this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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