Having encountered your first Lycan in Resident Evil Village West Old Town, it’s time to move on. Resident Evil Village East Old Town sees the game open up with lots of combat. This guide will help you through this, while also containing all the information on secrets, treasures, and collectibles. This includes all the Files and Goats of Warding you can find along the way.

Resident Evil Village East Old Town amps up the combat, so you begin right away with finding more ammo. Moving through the gate, you can cross a small river and enter a large barn-type building. Inside you’ll hear the noise of radio static, but it will stop as you approach. Pick up the Handgun Ammo by the window, then move to the stairs and make your way up. There’s more Handgun Ammo up here, as well as Chem Fluid on the floor, but as soon as you grab them Lycans will appear outside.

Resident Evil Village East Old Town screenshot

Resident Evil Village East Old Town

The shelves near the front door can be used to provide a temporary barrier to stop Lycans from getting in. However, in this sequence you’ll only need to worry about one that slips in through the wall above the stairs. Once this Lycan is defeated, the rest will retreat and you’ll get a temporary reprieve. Before leaving, walk back over to the radio and you’ll get a message that survivor’s should head to a specific house on the other side of The Village by the fields.

Exit the house and you’ll find the barricades to the left have been torn down. There’s a bloody trail leading to the nearby house. You can spot Lycans watching you from the rooftops, but for the moment they won’t attack unless you fire on them. Go around the back of the barn you were just in and open the back gate to create another path.

Walk to the house the Lycans are on top of and smash the nearby crate. Head up the short stairs and note the window into the house looks in on a new weapon. However, as soon as you move into the home the Lycans will drop down to charge you. Barricade the door and grab the M1897 Shotgun off the table. You can find a Herb in the corner, Gunpowder and Handgun Ammo near the door in a drawer. In the next room you’ll find more Handgun Ammo and Gunpowder.

As your enemies are not going to stop coming it’s better to get out into the open. Look for a hole to drop into, and travel down a narrow cellar to grab some Rusted Scrap. Now that the Lycans are after you, this next part is all about survival.

Resident Evil Village East Old Town screenshot

Fighting the Lycan Horde

Don’t waste all your ammo! Use the buildings, river, and back alleys to get the Lycans to chase you. Remember to barricade doors, look for ladders, as well as a TNT barrel near the barred red gate to lure a group of Lycans close before shooting it to deal massive damage at the cost of a single bullet.

You can also check the highest house above the stream to find another TNT barrel inside along with Shotgun Ammo, a Herb, and a barricade. There’s also a breakable crate and an escape ladder up to the roof.

An even larger Lycan, Urias, will soon join the fray with a giant hammer. Stay out of range.

If you survive long enough you’ll either get hit by an arrow or a Lycan will randomly grab you and toss you into the stream before they surround you. The group will move off, and your attention turns to a mysterious old woman moving up past the large red gate. Before following her, do one last sweep of the alleys and homes here to get any items you missed, like the crates by the homes.

This concludes our little tour of Resident Evil Village East Old Town! Check out the Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide main page for the next steps!