Welcome to Chit Hot’s walkthrough guide for Resident Evil Village. This page contains information on the Resident Evil Village Square from the game. Below you will find information on secrets, treasures, and collectibles, such as Files and Goats of Warding. Also learn where to find the Crests to open the Castle Gate, and how to reach Luiza’s House.

Having fought off the Lycan horde in East Old Town, we meet an old crone. She’ll give you a cryptic warning while mentioning that your daughter is the nearby castle. However, you’re going to need to find a way to get there.

Resident Evil Village Square screenshot

Resident Evil Village Square

Start by checking the large home to the left of the Maiden of War statue. Here you’ll find another mural on the floor of the room, Chem Fluid and a Scribbled Note File. Check under the bed for some Lei. There’s also a locked drawer here, but we can’t do anything about that right now.

Entering the Village Square, check the Maiden of War statue in the centre. If you look close, you can spot a gleam on the shield, and shooting it with your handgun will cause a Crystal Fragment to drop. This is a very valuable treasure that you can sell later. Also get the Gunpowder on a bench and Rusted Scrap on a ruined tractor.

As you move up the path to the Graveyard, note the small shrine on the right with a wooden goat figurine inside. Many of these goats are often found in places you might not be able to get to until a later visit, so always keep an eye out when exploring new areas. Destroy this first Goat of Warding, and also read the Goat of Warding Engraving File below the goat itself.

Within the Graveyard you’ll find a locked mausoleum with something inside. Check the far back to find a Herb by one of the gravestones. Further up you’ll locate a large castle gate, but it’s missing two circular crests.

Before checking out the church on the right, look for a small path following a sign for a Stronghold only to find a locked door with that winged fetus emblem. As you turn back, look up into the tree branches to spot a yellow birdcage. Shoot it down to collect another Rusted Scrap.

As you enter the yard with the church be sure to look up onto the roof of the building. Checking the left side, you should spot another Goat of Warding perched on top.

Resident Evil Village Square screenshot

The Church

Moving into the large church area you can head inside to find your first Save Point: a Typewriter. You can also claim the first Maiden Crest at the front of a shrine. You can also look along the photos on the wall above the shrine to see another Crystal Fragment. Shoot it down to collect.

Now for the second crest. Look on a nearby chair to spot a Village Map, showing the other crest is nearby. You can reach it by looking for a path to the right of the church, where a large field separates you from the other house.

Before making the journey through the Fallow Plot, look for a nearby shack on the left to find GunpowderRusted ScrapHandgun Ammo in a drawer, and a Mine.

The field houses three Lycans. They won’t come out in the open however, unless either get close enough or manage to hit them from a distance with your pistol. If you do see them before entering the field, you may want to try luring one out at a time into a mine. You can also retreat into a smaller shack that holds some Rusted Scrap and Shotgun Ammo.

Move through the field and seek out a lone crate holding on a rock in a small clearing. This can give you room to look around, as well as another crate against the fence. Look up at the big tree in the field to spy a birdcage that can be shot down for 1,000 Lei.

Stick to the far left side of the Fallow Plot and hop the small fence. Continue up the small path to a stone wall behind a shack. Though it’s a dead end, look on the stone wall to spot another Goat of Warding you can shoot with your handgun.

When the enemies have been dealt with look for a small home to the right of the sealed gate at the top of the field. When you enter you will find more survivors hiding inside. They are also trying to get to Luiza’s house and you’ll need to help them find a way inside.

Resident Evil Village Square screenshot

Accessing Luiza’s House

Start by hopping out the open window and break open the nearby crate. You can climb onto a low platform nearby some Gunpowder, then hop through the hole in the wall to reach Luiza’s property. Before going inside, note the outhouse on the right and a locked shrine holding the Demon Crest by the gate. However, you can’t reach it just yet.

Open the gate, and help from the villagers you’ll be let inside. You’re told to wait in the front hall for a moment,which houses a Typewriter and the Dangerous Creatures File. Head down the hall to meet the remaining survivors of the village.

This will soon take a turn for the worse. You’ll be attacked. Elena will save you and lead into a garage area. Leave Elena behind and make your way into the next room. Ethan will want to ram the door with the truck, but you need to find the keys. Grab the Herb in a potted plant in the corner as you head left into the kitchen.

Most of the drawers here are empty. However, a bottom drawer has some Lei and the Truck Key is to the left of the sink. A nearby note mentions there’s something with the key, so inspect it to find a Screwdriver. Search the back of the kitchen to find some Shotgun Ammo, then return to Elena and the truck.

Use the Truck Key. Again, things will not go according to plan, and you’ll have to climb up to the rafters of the house towards the attic window.

After the cutscene ends, drop out of the window and back to the ground. Grab some Chem Fluid in the nearby outhouse and use your Screwdriver to retrieve the Demon Crest. Return to the Fallow Field, and onto the castle gate.

Ignore the old crone and head to the gate. Insert both the Maiden Crest and Demon Crest, and turn them until they face the correct direction. Venture through the gate and as you approach the small drawbridge you can shoot the crows. You can sometimes get some Lei for your accurate shots.

Once you cross the drawbridge you’ll enter a small hallway leading to a sealed door. However, as soon as you try to open it you’ll meet a very strange man with some even stranger powers. It’s time to meet your real adversaries in Castle Dimitrescu!

Resident Evil Village Square screenshot

That completes this Resident Evil Village Square walkthrough guide! Head to Chit Hot’s Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide main page for the next steps.