Welcome to Chit Hot’s walkthrough guide for Resident Evil Village. This page contains information on the West Old Town section of the game. This guide includes information on secrets, treasures, and collectibles. This includes Files and Goats of Warding. You’ll also learn how to survive the Lycan attack and where to find the Bolt Cutters.

Having awoken next to a wrecked vehicle and made your way through the woods, you’ll now arrive in The Village for the first time. West Old Town is a hub for the next series of events. Read on for details of how to collect every item in this visit to Resident Evil Village West Old Town.

Resident Evil Village West Old Town screenshot

West Old Town

Drop down some ledges to enter the outskirts of the village proper. You’ll come upon a gruesomely slain horse near a large home, and from here you can cut across the road to the left or explore the home on the right.

In the house, the main doorway leads to a room with a locked drawer and a destroyed area with a mural on the floor. The other door leads to a small area with a well and outhouse, but you can’t interact with the well just yet. There’s also a small barn-like building with chains along the wall and a yellow birdcage hanging from the ceiling.

As you can’t head through the padlocked gate, go left down the street instead to come upon a dilapidated and blood-soaked house. There’s another mural here, as well as an outhouse around the corner.

Continue along the main road leading right past the broken house to find a damaged tractor. Note the signposts pointing out that the path to the Graveyard and Ceremony Site are blocked. Turn left to find another padlocked home and a large house with an open doorway. There’s a gate to the side, but it can only be opened by specific means.

Entering the large house, you should notice a yellow-splashed crate on the right, and further up is a Knife with which to break it open. You can now destroy the crate to get a First Aid Med. You won’t be able to go back out the way you came, so instead move into the kitchen. As you inspect the pot of soup, you may notice a can rolling out from the pantry.

Inspect the curtain to meet a survivor. He will give you another weapon, a LEMI Handgun. Things will suddenly take a turn for the worse and you’ll end up in a cellar full of corpses. Make your way along the bodies and move them aside to find a way out. You’ll eventually encounter your first enemy: a Lycan.

Resident Evil Village West Old Town screenshot

Fighting the Lycan

Unlike zombies or even the molded, Lycans will close the distance quickly, then try to jump to the side or duck down as they advance upon you. They may even wield weapons. If they get close they’ll try to lunge at you. To avoid this you’ll need to press the block button right before they hit to absorb most of the impact, and tap the block button again to shove them back. This will stun them for a moment, allowing you to get off a quick headshot. Lycans can also take several bullets to put down.

After the first Lycan is felled it’s time to move on. Look for a shack nearby the house you were thrown out of and check the shelves for Chem Fluid and a Herb. Using both these items, you can go into your crafting menu and make First Aid Med if you need to.

In order to continue, look to the nearby gate to find it padlocked with a chain. Return to the house where you found the survivor and check the back of the pantry he was hiding in to find Bolt Cutters. Now you can return and open the gate into the next part of The Village – East Old Town.

That completes this walkthrough of Resident Evil Village West Old Town! To see what comes next, head to Chit Hot’s Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide main page.