Mushroom Wars 2, the sequel to 2013’s series debut, launched sometime ago on mobile platforms. However, as 2022 has dawned, so to has the console and PC versions of Mushroom Wars 2. Has the jump to the big screen been worth the effort?

Mushroom Wars 2 screenshot

Mushroom Wars 2 Campaign

Beginning with the game’s campaign option, it may not appear as such. There are two campaigns included. The first begins very slowly. Introducing the basic mechanic of holding a base to produce troops over time, then sending them to conquer another base when your numbers outmatch theirs, Mushroom Wars 2 appears very simple at first. However, the campaign will eventually introduce new structures for defence, attack and eventually also hero characters.

There are twelve hero characters in the game, each with four special skills (assigned to directions on the D-Pad). While the basics of building functionality, upgrades etc. are universal, it’s the heroes that can add in some variable strategic flavour. Some heroes can increase attack and defence, or boost moral. Others can speed up or slow down troops. Yet another can suddenly takeover any bases that the opponent has been foolish enough to leave unguarded. There’s only a small learning curve in the effectiveness of these heroes. And doing so is encouraged, as they can quickly turn the tide of a battle.

Eventually you’ll come to learn that Mushroom Wars 2 is essentially a new take on the classic board game, Risk. Players are encouraged to act aggressively. But they should also take care not to manoeuvre their troops incorrectly or they may find they’ve left themselves vulnerable.

Mushroom Wars 2 screenshot


Outside of the campaign is the multiplayer. This is where Mushroom Wars 2 really lets loose. The competitive battles allow for 1v1 and 2v2 matches, and bringing the tactics learned from the campaign into the multiplayer arena is hugely enjoyable. In these short matches (typically 5-10 minutes) you’ll occasionally find a player that has also learned how best to use the hero abilities, and this can make for some very intense toing-and-froing. A tight tug-of-war that is dependant on careful planning whilst also managing your reaction to your opponent’s assaults. Mushroom Wars 2 is most definitely best served as a multiplayer experience.

What’s more, the console and PC versions allow for cross-platform play with the mobile editions. This means that there’s never any difficulty in finding a match, despite the age of the game’s mobile edition.

Mushroom Wars 2 is a great successor to the original title. It’s sure to win an audience amongst both casual gamers and those well versed in strategy action. While it may feel a little lightweight for the latter, the joy of quickly grasping each new ability and taking on human opponents with your learnings is second-to-none. Mushroom Wars 2 is an easy recommendation and a filler between those big adventure games you’re currently playing.

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