Making its theatrical debut early next year, Thor: Love and Thunder is going to wrap-up the ‘Phase 4’ series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We know the film is going to introduce The Mighty Thor, but what else do we have in store with the Thor: Love and Thunder story?

Thor: Love and Thunder logo

According to Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, the Thor: Love and Thunder story is based on ‘one of the best scripts [he’s] read in years’. Director Taika Waititi doubled down on this. In a recent interview, Waititi stated:

“If you take Ragnarok – which I feel was a very big, outlandish, bombastic film – we’re trying to double down on everything we did with that and create something that’s more crazy, more fun, and even more of a big, big adventure.”

Takika Waititi, Entertainment Tonight

A few other details for Thor: Love and Thunder have been revealed. As stated above, The Mighty Thor will appear thanks to the return of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster. A small selection of other returning cast members has also been revealed.

Thor: Love and Thunder Portman

It’s not yet known how Foster will become The Mighty Thor, nor how she gets her own version of Mjolnir. Indeed, it could be part of a multiverse plotline. Valkyrie however, we know will began the film as royalty.

“She’s king,” stated Tessa Thompson in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “If she can’t find her queen, she’ll just be king and queen at the same time.”

Thor: Love and Thunder will debut in February 2022. This will follow the releases of Black Widow and a third Spider-Man movie in the current series. In the meantime, Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit is now available to purchase as well as the current Thor trilogy. Either of these options will likely be a more enjoyable watch than anything from the DCEU movie franchise.

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