A new gameplay trailer for Red Wings: American Aces, has been released today. Red Wings: American Aces is a spin-off from All In! Games’ previous aerial arcade shooter, Red Wings: Aces of the Sky, and is currently in development for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Red Wings: American Aces puts you in the pilot’s seat of a nostalgic arcade shooter. Illustrated in a comic-book style with a variety of different gameplay modes, the game will let you play both single-player and multiplayer, either on- or offline.

The campaign mode will offer 30 different missions. Players will relive the aerial dogfights of WWI and encounter all manner of unexpected challenges. Players can develop their pilot skills through a progression tree and take to the skies in one of 15 different warplanes. The campaign will be available to play both solo and as a co-operative mode for two players via local multiplayer.

For the more competitive amongst use, up to 10 players can go head-to-head online. Last Man Standing, Score Battle and Time Battle modes are available, and also team games such as Elimination, Time Team Battle and Score Team Battles. Local versus matches will feature three different gameplay modes for two players.

Red Wings: American Aces Trailer

The new trailer for Red Wings: American Aces features commentary by the games creator, Norman Lenda. Lenda offers insights into the inspiration behind the game as well as highlighting some of the features that will help players master the skies as a true dogfight ace. You can see the new trailer just below:

Red Wings: American Aces is currently in development for PC and Nintendo Switch. No official release date has yet been announced, but All In! Games has suggested it will be revealed ‘soon’.

Are you looking forward to taking up the challenge in Red Wings: American Aces? Has the trailer grabbed your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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