Tripwire Interactive recently launched the stealth hit of the summer, Maneater. Now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC (with a Nintendo Switch version to follow), there’s bound to be plenty of you looking for that 100% completion. Well, look no further than this here Maneater Collectables Guide, featuring all the Landmark, License Plate and Chest locations!

By now you will have undoubtedly read our Maneater review and will be enjoying the comedy stylings of the Maneater voice actor. That’s a good start. But now that you’ve done that and purchased the game, it’s time to get stuck into the underwater savagery.

Maneater screenshot

Maneater Collectables Guide

The story missions have a flow that’s easy to follow. However, finding all of the Landmark, License Plate and Chest locations can be a bit tougher. Below you can find screenshots and breakdowns of each area in Maneater, to help you find those few last collectables you’re missing for your 100%!

Fawtick Bayou Collectables

Maneater Guide Fawtick Bayou

Fawtick Bayou includes:

  • 10 Landmarks
  • 17 Chests
  • 10 License Plates

Dead Horse Lake Collectables

Maneater Collectables Guide Dead Horse Lake

Dead Horse Lake includes:

  • 10 Landmarks
  • 14 Chests
  • 10 License Plates

Golden Shores Collectables

Maneater Collectables Guide Golden Shores

Golden Shores includes:

  • 8 Landmarks
  • 17 Chests
  • 10 License Plates

Sapphire Bay Collectables

Maneater Collectables Guide Sapphire Bay

Sapphire Bay includes:

  • 8 Landmarks
  • 19 Chests
  • 10 License Plates

Prosperity Sands Collectables

Maneater Collectables Guide Prosperity Sands

Prosperity Sands includes:

  • 10 Landmarks
  • 12 Chests
  • 10 License Plates

Caviar Key Collectables

Maneater Collectables Caviar Key

Caviar Key includes:

  • 8 Landmarks
  • 13 Chests
  • 10 License Plates

The Gulf Collectables

Maneater Guide The Gulf

The Gulf includes:

  • 9 Landmarks
  • 21 Chests
  • 10 License Plates

Crawfish Bay Collectables

Maneater Crawfish Bay

Crawfish Bay includes:

  • 10 Chests
  • 10 License Plates

Maneater Collectables Guide – Glitched Achievement/Trophy

OK, so you’ve completed the story missions and got 100% of the collectables, but that last Achievement/Trophy hasn’t popped? This is a glitch and while Tripwire Interactive say they’re aware of it, there’s not yet a date for a fix. However, there is a work around…

The divide between Dead Horse Lake and Caviar Key features a large gate which is difficult to scale. On the side of Caviar Key is a switch that can be targeted, however it cannot be interacted with directly. Instead, follow the below instructions:

  • Swim south (into Caviar Key) from the gate and find a fish which can be held in your mouth.
  • Instead of trashing, hold down the bite button and return to the gate.
  • Look at the switch and line-up until the targeting reticule appears on it.
  • Whiplash with the fish still in your mouth.

This should make your shark launch the fish at the switch and open the gate! This trick has been known to force a save, thus updating your progress one last time and correcting your Achievement/Trophy records.

On your way to getting all these collectables you’ll level-up a lot. But if you need some extra help check out the Maneater Guide for all Mutations and Evolutions.

Let us know in the comments below if you encountered this issue, and if this trick helped!