It was last night, actually.  

At that time, I was wandering around the beach in Animal Crossing: New Horizons before I finished my daily missions. Suddenly I saw an unusual shape in the sea – it was larger than usual, with visible fins. 

Animal Crossing Ding 0606 1

I ran there as fast as I could, being careful not to scare it off. Thankfully, I caught my first Animal Crossing Great White Shark successfully! I know the shark has been around for a while, but it is still rare for a player like me, who only catches fishes for missions every day…  

Donating it to the museum is becoming the biggest thing for today.  

Animal Crossing Great White Shark
Animal Crossing Ding 0606 2

Today’s outfit: 

Rainhat, rain boots, and raincoat in a rainy day. A typical weather in the UK.  

Still, S-M-I-L-I-N-G! 

Animal Crossing Ding 0606 4

I only played for half-an-hour-ish for the daily work: looking for the bell tree and bell hole, shaking trees, digging stones etc. 

These are today’s furniture additions: 

Campfire Cookware & Stovetop Espresso Maker. 

(The new bell tree is behind me.) 

Got the Campfire Cookware two days in a row, I think I need to hold a camp party one day…

Animal Crossing Ding 0606 5

Since I mentioned the bell tree, I will share a small strategy which I learned from my friend, Weiwei.  

I have a fixed area for the bell trees. In general, I transfer the bell tree to a specific area the day after it was planted (see picture below). 

There are two reasons: one is saving time, I don’t need to look around the whole island for the bell tree every day; another is not to change the island’s look as the bell holes are always in the random places. 

Animal Crossing Ding 0606 6

Now, Let’s take a look at my Dreamland. 

*Beach Area* 

Animal Crossing Ding 0606 7

*Leisure Space* 

A small waterfall was made beside the frog Lily’s house, so the leisure space is just along the waterfall.   

See, those are floor lights, which I purchased yesterday. Then, friends can have night chats on the nice summer evening~ 

Animal Crossing Ding 0606 8

*Theme Park* (or children’s playground)

My plan is to make an exhibition area on the second stage, but I still do not have enough items so far.  

Animal Crossing Ding 0606 9

Oh, look at my poor face… I was stung by the wasp when I shook the trees. It happens every day…  (music should start now…) 

Animal Crossing Ding 0606 9

*Sports Area* 

The basketball court in front of the Plaza, as well as some other fitness equipment, but I cannot take a complete screenshot.  

Animal Crossing Ding 0606 10

There are still many different function areas in the Dreamland. I will share them another time.  

Today’s DIY Recipe: Wooden-block table (from the drift bottle found on the beach).

Animal Crossing Ding 0606 11

Today’s Tiny Tips: 

* In addition to the separate area for the bell tree, I also made a couple of different areas for other trees. It helps to spend less time in finding furniture/bells (100)/wasps etc. from the trees every day. But you cannot leave too few trees in the island, as you will get the lower Island Rating.

* If you catch 5 wasps in a row (only 5 wasps which are hidden in the trees), you will get 1000 Nook Miles as a reward! 

* Always keep an eye on the fish in the sea. You never know when you’ll find an Animal Crossing Great White Shark!