Day 80: Nothing special.

But I completed the whole rewards card (Nook Miles) as I broke the targeted amount tools today.

Still, I need to achieve the different goals to obtain Golden Tools. For example, break 100 axes to unlock a Golden Axe recipe.

Animal Crossing Ding 0906 1

Today’s outfit.

It should be an office Monday. Honestly, I miss my real office-lady outfit.

Animal Crossing Ding 0906 2

Today’s new items:

*Synthesiser – I purchased it from the shop which cost me 66,000 Bells.

Animal Crossing Ding 0906 3

*Champion’s pennant: from the shop as well. Price: 3,900 Bells.

I put it in my zen garden.

Animal Crossing Ding 0906 4

*Wall fan – Trees, just shake them!

It fits my bathroom (maybe).

Animal Crossing Ding 0906 5

It seems like today’s is a very short diary, so I did a bit research to help you unlock the Golden Tools Recipes. Here’s how to get the golden tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

  • Golden Axe: Break 100 axes;
  • Golden Fishing Rod: Catch and complete the Fish section of the critterpedia (80 fish totally);
  • Golden Bug Net:  Catch and complete the Bug section of the critterpedia (80 bugs totally);
  • Golden Watering Can: Reach the Five Star island rating;
  • Golden Shovel: Help Gulliver (the lost pilot who appears on the beach) 30 times;
  • Golden Slingshot: Shoot 300 balloons.