Earlier this month Games Workshop unveiled the last few Cities of Sigmar miniatures. One of which included Pontifex Zenestra, Matriarch of the Great Wheel. Those who collect the ORDER army can now delve into her abilities to see what the matriarch brings to the battlefield.

Leading the Cult of the Great Wheel, Pontifex Zenestra is carried into battle on a magnificent palanquin, held aloft by two devotees. She is not alone on this decadent litter, sitting behind her is a mysterious skeleton that bears scars that mirror her own.

Pontifex Zenestra Warhammer1

Warhammer – Pontifex Zenestra Abilities

Seemingly not quite mortal, Pontifex Zenestra boasts the Blessed Palanquin ability. This gives her a Ward of 4+.

She is also Vessel of Sigmar, able to channel the divine might of the God-King himself. This allows Zanestra to offers one or even two boons to her followers.

  • Vessel of Sigmar
    • Vessel of Sigmar is a prayer with an answer value of 3. If answered, and this unit is within your territory, pick 1 of the effects below to apply until the start of your next hero phase. If answered and this unit is not within your territory, pick 2 of the effects below to apply until the start of your next hero phase instead of 1.
    • Hallowed Ground: Friendly Cities of Sigmar Human units have a ward of 5+ while they are wholly within 18″ of this unit.
    • The Great Wheel Turns: Add 2″ to the Move characteristic or friendly Cities of Sigmar Human units on the battlefield.
    • Cast Out Evil: Roll a dice for each enemy Wizard and Priest on the battlefield. On a 2+, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.

She’ll be joined by the new Freeguild Marshals whilst older variants like Freeguild General on Foot are being phased out.

Part of Warhammer’s Cities of Sigmar army overhaul, what do you think of Pontifex Zenestra? Let us know in the comment below.