Playing through the Evil Dead: The Game single-player missions can be tough. Unlike the first mission, the second mission in the campaign doesn’t present a linear path. Instead, there are five objectives for the player to complete in any order they choose. However, picking the wrong order can get you into a whole heap of trouble! Fear not though, this guide on how to beat Party Down will steer you in the right direction!

Evil Dead: The Game launched in May 2022, and was well received. The asymmetrical gameplay style of the multiplayer can make for some tense confrontations. However, the single-player can be just as tough! Check out our Evil Dead: The Game review if you haven’t already. But if you’re here, you’re probably looking for advice on how to beat Party Down. So, on with the show!

Evil Dead: The Game - How to beat Party Down

How To Beat “Party Down!”

First Objective

The first objective isn’t very challenging. There’s no trap and no battles to be had. Simply pick up the Wiseman’s Brew as instructed. Be sure to check out the station next to it and grab all the loot you can before leaving, however.

Once ready, open your map and identify your route to the objective in the north.

North Objective

On your way you should come across an unmarked garage. There’s some valuable loot in here, as well as a light source to lower your fear meter. Once you reach the destination be wary of the tree next to the Wiseman’s Brew. It will attack if you get too close. There is ammo right next to it, trying to lure you in. However, you should be fine without it.

After picking up the Wiseman’s Brew you’ll face nine enemies. You won’t be able to advance until you’ve defeated the wave. The best tactic is to use melee attacks: light, special, then heavy. This combo will be enough to take out each enemy one-by-one. However, two of the deadites in this wave will be mini-bosses, and require use of your firearm.

The last enemy defeated will drop a Shemp’s Cola as a reward. You can use it immediately if you need to.

West Objective

Head towards the western-most objective next. As you approach the cemetery there’s another tree that can attack, so move through with caution. Once inside you’ll have the choice of two legendary weapons: crossbow or pistol. If you’ve acquired plenty of special ammunition, we would recommend the crossbow.

Be sure to loot everything from the graveyard before collecting the Wiseman’s Brew. Once you pick it up, you’ll face a boss fight.

This boss is basically a mini-boss with more health. Let him have it with your new legendary firearm – you won’t need it much after this fight.

South Objective

As you’re now done with the crossbow, we suggest switching back to the shotgun. Yes, there’s that legendary pistol still sat there, but it doesn’t perform quite as well as the short-range heavy-hitter in the upcoming fights.

Head south, and as you do be on the lookout for a shack southwest of the graveyard. There’s a Shemp’s Cola (which you’ll probably need immediately) and a light source to lower your fear meter.

As you reach Dead End you’ll note that there are many houses here. All of them have items within. You’ll find a couple of Shemp’s Cola cans as well as ammunition. There are a few basic enemies inside, but you should be very familiar with the process of taking them out by now.

Collect the Wiseman’s Brew when ready. 10 deadites will spawn. Much like the north objective, you must kill them all before moving on. However, only one mini-boss will spawn this time. He’s a little bit different than the previous mini-bosses, as he’s heavily resistant to melee attacks. Thankfully, the shotgun is strong enough to take him out with just a few hits.

East Objective

As you head towards the last objective you’ll engage in a battle with a boss. This boss is much like the other, but charges a lot and has tons of health. If you’re cunning, you’ll be able to shoot him, through the window before the battle begins in earnest!

Once you’ve defeated the boss, simply collect the Wiseman’s Brew to complete the mission! Congratulations! You’ve now beaten the Party Down mission in Evil Dead: The Game‘s single-player!